Curt Miller

Who is Curt Miller wife? Curt has been outspoken about the dynamics in his family, mainly his twin kids.

His followers know he has no wife and has been transparent about his personal life.

Talking about him, Curt Miller is well-known and has a distinguished career span over numerous teams.

Miller previously served as the head coach of the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA, Indiana University from 2012 to 2014, the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA from 2016 to 2022, and Bowling Green State University from 2001 to 2012.

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Curt Miller Wife Or Partner

The discussion of Curt Miller’s wife has been hotly debated in public and the media numerous times.

Miller has spoken openly about his personal life numerous times at different gatherings but has yet to find the perfect occasion or method to address the public or the media.

Curt Miller has not been open about his wife or partner to date. Although Miller has made it known that he is single, he has found success in his personal and family life.

Curt Miller Wife
Curt Miller with his friend Brandy (Source: Instagram)

He has guided several LGBT kids and young coaches who have located him. Miller hopes that by sharing his experience, he will have more chances to serve as a mentor and role model for young people interested in a career in athletics.

Curt Miller Sons

Curt Miller recently spent time with one of his twin sons, Brian Seymour, for whom he has been the legal guardian for 18 years.

The sister of Miller’s ex-partner, Jamie Broadwell, gave birth to Brian and Shawn on Christmas Day in 1994. Drug addiction caused Broadwell’s sister to become unable to care for the children.

Despite his success in the league, Miller has a different side to his life that not many people know: he has been Brian and Shawn Seymour’s legal guardian for 18 years, and in that time, he has served as their parent.

Curt Miller with Brian
Curt Miller with Brian (Source: Instagram)

During last month’s WNBA All-Star break, Miller traveled back to Bloomington, Indiana, where he grew up, hoping to spend quality time with his son, Brian.

Miller enjoyed being a father once more throughout their 72-hour togetherness. The family’s vehicles were washed, had their oil changed, had their gas tanks refilled, and had their registrations updated.

The ability to act like a decent father to his son was, for Miller, the most enjoyable part of this.

But Shawn, Brian’s twin brother, wasn’t there when Miller was there. After being found guilty of armed robbery in 2014, Shawn was incarcerated for 13 years.

Curt Miller with his mother
Curt Miller with his mother (Source: Instagram)

Curt Miller open about Gay

Successful basketball coach Curt Miller has long been open about being gay with his friends and family.

In 2015, Curt Miller made history when he came out as gay in the magazine Outsports.

He admitted that since high school, when his older brother and sister were also LGBTQ+, he had always known he was gay. Nevertheless, he tried to conceal his sexual orientation by dating women and excelling in sports.

However, Miller eventually gained the courage to confront his true identity and went to a gay pub, where he saw others who resembled him and felt at ease.

Curt Miller during his early days
Curt Miller during his early days (Source: Instagram)

There, he first began to accept who he was. Despite being a successful basketball coach, Miller was concerned that coming out might hurt his profession.

But he thought it was more significant to be known as a successful coach who also happened to be homosexual than as a gay coach who was well-regarded in his field.

As the first homosexual male coach of a professional sports club in the United States, Miller concentrated on getting his team to the playoffs for the second consecutive season in his third season with the Connecticut Sun.

Miller’s tale serves as a reminder that, despite any pressures or anxieties from without, it’s crucial to accept who you are and not be scared to be yourself.

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