WSL Joao Chianca is a gifted young surfer who has quickly reached the sport’s top. Despite this, he faced several obstacles to the top and was susceptible to the mid-year cut in the new WSL.

Lucas Chumbo is also a professional surfer. In 2022, he entered the main surfing tournament for the first time and immediately displayed his surfing prowess.

He has established himself as a bold and gifted surfer who is not deterred by the status or notoriety of his rivals.

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Joao Chianca Wiki And Bio

Brazilian surfer Joo Vtor de Azeredo Chianca, also known as “Chumbinho,” was born on August 30, 2000, in Saquarema.

He is the younger brother of Lucas Chumbo, another great surfer on the ASP World Tour (WCT), and the son of Gustavo Chumbo.

He advanced to the semifinals of the first two Hawaii contests in the 2023 season. He also claimed his first victory in the Portuguese Peniche on the Supertubos beach.

WSL Joao Chianca
Joao Chumbinho with his father and brother (Source: Instagram)

He has fought some of the best players in the sport and has had to fight to stay on the Championship Tour.

Chianca’s rivals have improved their ratings of him, making it even more difficult for him to move on.

Joao Chianca Childhood

WSL Joao Chianca had a remarkable childhood and had many possibilities to pick up surfing.

Joao was able to hone his skills and obtain a deeper understanding of the sport at a young age with the help of his father.

His father, is a huge surfer enthusiast and has been a major source of inspiration for Joao. His father is someone with whom he has a close relationship.

Joao thanked his father for instilling a never-give-up attitude in a touching post in March 2020.

Joo developed a love for surfing at a young age and has since devoted his life to perfecting the sport. He has had tremendous success in his surfing career, monetarily and professionally.

Joao Chumbinho with his brother Lucas Chumbo
Joao Chumbinho with his brother Lucas Chumbo (Source: Instagram)

Chianca is renowned for his colorful and hard-charging surfing style. He has become a monster killer, taking down some of the tour’s most skilled surfers.

He gets the admiration of surfers worldwide because he is a youthful and talented surfer.

Joao Chianca Net Worth

Brazilian professional surfer Joao Chianca has achieved achievement in realizing his passion and building a sizeable net worth.

Although his exact net worth is unknown, it is well known that he has accumulated significant riches through winning various honors and tournament prizes.

Joao Chumbinho with his pet

Joo has made a name for himself as a notable surfer in professional surfing. He has made considerable money from sponsorships, endorsements, and different business endeavors.

He has also developed a devoted fan base due to his outstanding surfing competition results.

His surfing success has paid off handsomely, elevating him to the status of one of Brazil’s most successful surfers.

Joo is well-positioned to maintain his professional surfing success for many years. Thanks to his remarkable abilities, constant commitment, and enthusiasm for surfing.

Joo Chianca Instagram

WSL Joao Chianca has an Instagram account that surfers should follow. He frequently publishes inspirational and instructive surfing movies, demonstrating his prowess and advising aspiring surfers.

Joo has 225 posts, a massive 144K followers, and follows 615 other profiles on the social networking network.

He also posts some of his reel films to Instagram, showcasing his skill with incredible flips and surfing maneuvers.

Joao Chumbinho during WSL award program
Joao Chumbinho during WSL award program(Source: Instagram)

Joo also gives his followers glimpses into his private life, including his travels with pals. It lets his fans get to know the man behind the professional player.

Joo Chianca’s Instagram is a goldmine of surfing-related stuff that will keep followers of the sport engaged and motivated.

Chianca’s affection for dogs and other animals is visible in his life. He routinely shares pictures of his adored cat on Instagram, demonstrating his deep affection.

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