Quinn Moffet Boyfriend

Quinn Moffett boyfriend is Kenny Sponaugle, a regional sales manager from Ann Arbor. She was found dead in her boyfriend’s bathroom. 

Quinn Tierney Moffet was born in Ypsilanti, 10 minutes from the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus. She lived near the golf course with her parents and two old sisters.

Quinn started college in Dayton, Ohio, majored in health sciences at her mom’s alma mater, the University of Dayton, and worked as a physical therapist.

According to her friends and family, Quinn was a bubbly and energetic girl with a contagious laugh. She can make light of the darkest situation with her funny humor.

Moreover, Quinn worked as a youth camp counselor in the summers and volunteered at the University of Michigan Hospital.

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Who Is Kenny Sponaugle From MSU? Quinn Moffett Boyfriend

Kenny Sponaugle is Quinn Moffett’s boyfriend. He is a regional sales manager from Ann Arbor. They met through a mutual friend.

Sponaugle stated USA TODAY he was the one with whom Quinn shared the assault name on their first date, along with other sexually and emotionally abusive experiences she had with men.

Quinn Moffet boyfriend
Quinn Moffet (Source: USA Today)

Kenny seemed to be a supportive boyfriend, so he again said he knew Quinn used cocaine.

At the same time, he believed that she did it to escape reality and that her assault drove her to use it.

In 2021, on Jan 6, when Spongaule woke up in the morning at his house, he noticed Quinn was not in bed.

Therefore, he wanted to tell the police that she had stayed with him at night, but she wasn’t there right now.

Kenny was so worried, and then he went to check on the bathroom. He saw Quinn’s body lying on the floor, and her body was cold.

After that, he called the police. Then they took her to the hospital and where they found an “unknown white substance’ in Quinn’s left nostril.

Alleged Rape Case

One day, when Quinn and her friend had gone to the Study Hall Lounge, a nightclub two blocks from the Michigan campus, they ran into three Wolverine football players.

They offer them a drink, but Quinn hadn’t met them before, but her friend said she knew two of them.

According to messages between Quinn and her friend, they continued drinking from a bottle that one of the men brought; that was the two women’s last clear memory of the night.

When Quinn work up in the morning, she didn’t remember how she got there according to their text message.

After three days, Quinn wrote, she thought she had hooked up with one of the athletes, who she wasn’t sure about.

Quinn Moffet Boyfriend
Quinn Moffet’s Mother Mary Moffet (Source: USA Today)

According to her friend Roger ‘Quinn was unsure that she had drunk enough to blackout, and she felt like she had had sex-but barely remembered anything.

Slowly and finally, she remembered everything and was ready to tell her mom. But, she was ashamed and refused to call the police, wanting to forget that.

After her assault, she started using drugs and committed suicide in her boyfriend’s bathroom.

After Quinn’s death, her mother, Mary Moffett, is struggling for her daughter’s justice, to know the assaulted names investigating Quinn friends.

Mary Moffett is still trying to give her daughter justice by contacting the athletics coach, but he is not doing anything.

Harbaugh won one of the games and, she congratulated him and wrote how upset she was that he allowed the athlete to play.

She lost her daughter and those responsible continue on in their lives and playing as if nothing ever happened.

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