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Wes McCauley net worth must be massive based on his career. Wes McCauley is a former hockey player who is now an NHL referee.

He was born in Canada on January 11, 1972, and his father, John McCauley, was also an NHL referee.

Wes played as a defenceman in his career as a professional ice hockey player.

Unfortunately, his playing career was cut short due to an injury in 1997.

However, Wes did not leave the sport entirely and decided to pursue a career as a referee.

He began refereeing NHL games in 2003 and became a full-time NHL referee two years later in 2005.

Over the years, Wes has gained a reputation as one of the top officials in the NHL due to his consistent and fair officiating.

He has become a fan favorite for his animated style and unique way of announcing penalties on the ice.

His commanding presence and confident calls have earned him the respect of players and coaches in the league.

Wes’s accomplishments as an NHL referee include officiating eight out of the last ten Stanley Cup Finals, an impressive achievement demonstrating his skill and experience as an official.

The only years he missed were 2019 due to injury and 2021 due to a positive COVID-19 test.

Overall, Wes McCauley is a well-respected figure in the NHL and has established himself as one of the league’s top officials.

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Wes McCauley net worth

A combination of high earnings from his NHL career, intelligent financial choices, and potential additional income streams have contributed to Wes McCauley’s net worth, estimated to be around $5 million.

Wes McCauley net worth
A unique way of announcing penalties on the ice Wes McCauley (Source: Instagram)

As a well-respected NHL referee, Wes McCauley earns a significant salary from the league, estimated to be around $300,000 annually.

This income has allowed him to build a substantial net worth throughout his career.

Additionally, McCauley may also have the opportunity to earn extra income through sponsorships or endorsements, although details on any such agreements are not widely available.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that McCauley has reportedly made wise financial decisions throughout his career, including investing in real estate.

Such investments could have helped him grow his net worth beyond what he earns from his work as a referee.

Wes McCauley Wife Bethany McCauley

Wes McCauley, his wife Bethany, and their four children are a close-knit family in Portland, Maine.

Despite his busy career as an NHL referee, McCauley is devoted to spending quality time with his loved ones off the ice.

It’s worth noting that McCauley and his wife Bethany are known for keeping their private lives out of the public eye.

Wes McCauley wife
Wes McCauley With Family. (Source: Down East Magazine)

Although McCauley is a well-known personality, his family life is something he keeps separate from his work, and not much is known about his wife and children.

However, in interviews, McCauley has mentioned that his children often roll their eyes when he gets too enthusiastic or animated around the house. They even think he’s crazy and get embarrassed by him at times.

Despite this, McCauley’s love for his children is evident, and he remains a fun-loving and expressive father who isn’t afraid to let his personality shine, even if it means his kids may get a little embarrassed.

One of their friends even recognized that McCauley’s positive behavior is part of who he is, saying, “That’s just your dad. That’s how he always is.”

Wes McCauley is a highly respected NHL referee and a devoted family man who values his time with his wife and children, even if he occasionally embarrasses them with his energetic personality.

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