Tyler Motte wife to be, his fiancée Adriana got engaged in 2021. Tyler and Adriana seem supportive of each other.

Tyler Motte, a professional American ice hockey player for the New York Rangers NHL, is one of the sport’s best players.

Motte made his first debut in the NHL with Chicago Blackhawks in 2016. And he was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets after 33 games with the team in 2017. He has played for the New York Rangers since being traded in 2022.

Tyler Motte, currently 28, was born in Michigan, USA, in 1995. He was born to American parents, Nancy Motte and Steve Motte. According to Motte’s Instagram post, he is currently to engaged to his college sweetheart, Adriana Hassan.

Who is tyler Motte wife Adriana Hassan?

Adriana Hassan is Tyler Motte wife-to-be, and longtime girlfriend. She is a well-known figure to Motte’s social media fans, although she keeps a low profile. Hassan has maintained a private Instagram account and shared her lifestyle with only limited followers.

Tyler Motte's wife
Tyler Motte with his wife Adriana Hussan (Source: Instagram)

Adriana was born on June 14, 1996, in Michigan, USA. She was born to an Egyptian father and a Colombian mother. Her mother, Dr. Diana Gomez-Hassan, is a radiologist, while her father, Dr. Tarek Hassan, is an ophthalmologist.

And Adriana’s sister, Nadina Hassan, is carving out a unique route for herself in show business. Adriana graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Business Administration. She is currently living in New York and works at Fintech Blockchain.

Tyler Motte and adriana hassan dating history

In his early days, Tyler Motte used to play college ice hockey at the University of Michigan, where he met Adriana and immediately fell in love with her. Shortly after that, they began dating.

Tyler Motte's wife
Tyler Motte proposing Adriana Hassan at Ann Arbor, Michigan (Source: Instagram)

Their relationship had to pass through a tough phase when Motte was traded between different NHL teams. At that time, they had to maintain a long-distance relationship. However, that only strengthened their love relationship since they supported each other even during hard times.

On August 30, 2021, Motte dropped to his knees and proposed to Adriana in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We assume the couple is still engaged because they must post photos of them in wedding dresses.

tyler Motte honors adriana hussan grandmother

In 2022, when Adriana’s grandmother sadly passed away, Motte paid tribute to his fiancée’s grandmother. After scoring Ranger’s first goal in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Second Round, he pointed skyward as he skated back to the bench.

Motte and family members attended the service one day before the game.

“A couple of days ago, my fiancée’s grandmother passed away. I spent yesterday in Michigan going to a service and just being with them,” Motte said in a postgame interview with ESPN. Furthermore, he said he got a little help’ because his family members supported him.

In 2020, while Tyler was playing for Vancouver Canucks, he opened up about his mental health. A video was posted on Canucks official Twitter page where Motte shared about his struggle with anxiety and depression.

Motte discussed in the video how his career saw significant highs and unexpected lows, as well as how he felt and the reasons he started to doubt himself. He also talked about the relationship between mental health and sports.

During his struggle with depression, Motte didn’t have the appetite to be social, and he could not find any enjoyment in his life. Adriana took notice of Motte’s strange behavior and told him he needed to seek help.

And after a series of therapy sessions, and support from his loved ones and the sports family, he overcame depression.

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