Tom Curren Wife

Maki Curren, Tom Curren wife, is an admirable woman who constantly lends her husband support. Tom became well-known for his refined manner and technical proficiency on the water.

American surfer Tom Curren, who retired from competitive surfing, is considered one of the sport’s all-time greats. On July 3, 1964, he was born in Santa Barbara, California.

At the age of 17, he began his professional surfing career. He soon established himself on the world surfing stage and won his first world championship in 1985.

Curren won a total of three world championships throughout his career, in addition to countless other surfing tournaments all over the globe.

He was renowned for his adaptability and success in various surf styles and situations, from little waves to enormous swells.

Curren was also well-known for his creative surfing techniques, including his signature “cutback” and capacity to “backside” ride waves.

He was recognized for his grace and fluidity on the waves, and his style was frequently referred to as “poetic” and “beautiful.”

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Tom Curren Wife, Maki Curren

Tom Curren’s spouse is Maki Curren. Tom has not disclosed any information about her other than her name.

Tom’s games have Maki in several of them. Tom has occasionally appeared in his games with his wife, Maki.

On a bodyboard, Maki has joined him as Tom paddles. Sound waves were difficult to find because of the crowds.

Tom Curren Wife
Tom Curren with his Wife Maki Curren (Source:

Together, the couple has two boys named Francis and Patrick.

The couple exudes a strong sense of affection for one another. Maki has always helped Tom through everything since his initial divorce from Marie.

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Where is Marie Curren? Tom Curren ex-wife

Tom Curren has two marriages. Marie Curren is the name of his ex-wife. There needs to be more information about where Marie is at present. 

At the Santa Barbara Channel Islands Surf Shop in 1981, he had a chance encounter with Marie, a young French woman. They got married on April 26, 1983, in Australia.

Before relocating to France’s Basque coast, the couple had two kids, Lee-Ann and Nathan.

After divorcing Marie in 1993, the regular footer went through a terrible period.

Tom married Maki after their divorce, and no one knows what has become of Marie.

For over ten years, the pair were married. Tom has only revealed Marie’s name and no more information about her. We need to be made aware of her current location and activities.

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Tom Curren family

Pat Curren and Jeanie Curren are Tom Curren’s parents, respectively.

Pat Curren, a former surfing icon and one of the forerunners of the sport’s modern era, is the Father of Tom Curren.

When he was eighteen and living in California, the elder Curren began surfing.

Tom Curren Wife
Tom Curren With his family (Source: Filmmagic)

To surf the more giant waves on the North Shore of the island of Oahu, Curren relocated to Hawaii in 1955.

The larger surf there necessitated a different board form, but he continued to shape surfboards just as he did in California.

Since they were made for surfing the highest waves, Curren’s creations, known as Elephant Guns, went incredibly rapidly and had more rocker or bend than conventional boards.

Pat Curren married Jeanine, a surfer, in 1961. The two of them went to Santa Barbara, California, a year later.

Pat made a career by shaping surfboards, diving for abalone, and creating bikinis for Jeanine’s shop while Jeanine maintained a bikini shop.

Their first kid, Tom Curren, was born in 1964 and was in the water almost as soon as he could walk. Joe and Anna Curren’s older brother is named Tom.

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