Payton Pritchard parents

Payton Pritchard parents, Terry and Melissa Pritchard have greatly supported their son, a renowned player in the NBA.

Those who follow NBA immediately recognize Payton Pritchard as one of the best basketball players in the league.

The star player was first drafted in the NBA draft in 2020, and then he continued building his career without looking back.

Payton is a professional basketball player born on January 28, 1988, who plays a unique position as a point guard for the Boston Celtics.

Speaking of 36 years old player’s physical characteristics, he has a height of 6ft 1in tall and weighs around 195 Ibs.

During the NBA player’s college days, he played for the Oregon Ducks and was chosen as the second-team all-conference in the Pac-12 as a sophomore.

The player is in the limelight of the league every time, as he has consistently shown potential in the game and played a significant role in the team’s success.

The basketeer is best known for his role as a shooting guard who flawlessly scores for his team and opposes hard on the defense.

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Payton Pritchard Parents

Payton Pritchard’s parents, Terry and Melissa Pritchard were the most prominent supporters who always encouraged and gave guidance for building his career.

However, the age of Terry and Melissa Pritchard is still being determined, but it seems that they don’t have a big difference in their age.

The Basketball player’s father was a college football player, and his mother was a gymnast.

Payton Pritchard parents
Payton Pritchard took a photo with his parents on his graduation day. (Source: Instagram)

The point guard’s parents had three children; aside from Payton, they have two daughters, Taylor and Lexie.

As the parents of the NBA player were former athletes, they had a significant influence and instilled a great work ethic in their children.

Payton Pritchard Siblings

The NBA player Payton has two siblings. Lexie Pritchard is his younger sister, while Taylor Pritchard is his older sister.

The Pritchard siblings share a close bond and are often seen sharing their pictures on Instagram.

Payton Pritchard parents
Payton Pritchard celebrates the auspicious day of Thanksgiving with his sisters. (Source: Instagram)

Regarding the famous player’s younger sister, Lexie is also a basketball player who plays guard like his brother.

Payton was like a role model to his younger sister, and she grew up watching his big brother play on the court.

While the eldest sibling, Taylor, is already engaged to a man named Rob and also has given birth to a child. She has been settled with his Fiancee.

Altogether, the siblings are all happy in their respective lives and support each other.

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Payton Pritchard Girlfriend

After going through the Instagram of the NBA’s renowned player, Payton Pritchard, it appears he is in a relationship with Emma Macdonald.

According to the Instagram bio of Payton’s girlfriend, she seems to be a co-host of a podcast alongside her sister, Maggie MacDonald.

Payton Pritchard parents
Payton Pritchard takes a mirror selfie with his lovely girlfriend. (Source: Instagram)

The sisters host the Love Ya, Bye with Emma and Maggie MacDonald podcast.

However, we can say that the Boston Celtics’ guard seems to be open about his relationship. At the same time, most other players prefer to keep their relationship away from the public eye.

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