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Ethan Ewing Mum, Helen, passed away at 37 due to Cancer. Ewing had a breakthrough season in 2017.

Taking first place at the Corona Open at J-Bay in South Africa and fourth overall.

Although the Australian had a difficult start to 2023, Ewing resolutely found his form over the previous week.

He was the first surfer in the ocean on Tuesday and defeated Gabriel Medina, a three-time world champion, in the round of 16.

He defeated Filipe Toledo, the current world champion, and South African star Matthew McGillivray.

No one could compete with Ewing as he won the second WSL event of his career, ultimately defeating fellow countryman Ryan Callinan in the final round.

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Meet Ethan Ewing Mum Helen And Dad

Surfer Ethan Ewing’s mother, Helen, and his dad greatly support their son. He was born on November 2, 1998, in Australia.

Australian surfer Ethan Ewing, who triumphed in Tuesday’s Bells Beach championship in front of home fans at Winkipop, carried on his mother’s tradition.

Helen Ewing, a champion surfer in the 1970s and 1980s, won the longest-running event in professional surfing in 1983.

In a rough final forty years later, Queenslander Ewing triumphed over Newcastle surfer Ryan Callinan to claim an emotional victory.

Ethan Ewing Mum
Ethan Ewing Mum, Helen. (Source: Facebook)

His name will be etched on the World Surf League (WSL) competition trophy next to his mother’s name.

The Ewings are the first mother-son team to win the same WSL competition. Despite being a pioneer in women’s surfing, Helen’s career was cut short.

She had a standout first professional season, winning the Bells and the Hang Ten Pro in California, but she left the sport since there was no funding for female surfers.

Instead, she started a family, immersed herself in coaching, and became president of the Point Lookout Boardriders’ Club on Stradbroke Island. She also founded Surfing Mum’s social organization.

Ethan Ewing Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ethan Ewing is around $5 million.

The Ewings were the first mother-son duo to win the same WSL competition. Helen paved the way for women’s surfing, but her professional life was cut short.

During her debut season as a professional, she won the Bells and the Hang Ten Pro in California, but she left the sport since female surfers were not financially sponsored.

Australian Ethan Ewing
Australian Surfer Ethan Ewing (Source- ABC )

Instead, she started a family, committed herself to coaching, and worked up to become president of the Stradbroke Island club called the Point Lookout Boardriders.

She also established the Surfing Mums social club.

Amazingly, Helen returned to the sport 10 years later and won multiple state and national championships in addition to a qualifying series match in Nias, Indonesia.

Alongside his mother’s name, his name will be engraved on the World Surf League (WSL) competition trophy.

Ewing defeated three-time WSL champion Gabriel Medina of Brazil in the round of 16, and Callinan defeated Hawaiian John John Florence in the semifinals to go to the championship match.

The continued surfing success among Australian men and women is a worthy homage to Helen Ewing, one of the sport’s early supporters.

The 1983 Rip Curl Pro trophy that belonged to Ethan Ewing’s mother has always been at his bedside. He won his trophy on Tuesday to display next to it.

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