Surfer Ryan Callinan parents, his mom Janice, and dad Garry, passed away within 18 months of each other, so his story is a painful one. 

The story of Ryan Callinan is proof of the tenacity of the human spirit.

He achieved a unique milestone for any athlete by being Newcastle’s first surfer to qualify for the World Surf League Championship Tour in more than ten years in 2016.

Yet Ryan’s struggles away from the waves were perhaps more complex.

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Ryan Callinan Parents

Ryan Callinan’s parents greatly impacted him growing up, and it shows in his unwavering motivation and tenacity.

But in less than 18 months, Ryan Callian lost his parents, a tragic tragedy that would have crushed many people.

His father Garry passed away only three days before Ryan’s Championship Tour debut.

Ryan wore the number 57 to remember his father, whose birth year it is.

Despite his tragedy, Ryan competed in the tour, hoping it would help him forget about losing his best friend.

He quickly understood that no accomplishment on the water could make up for his loss.

He began to face his loss head-on with the help of his sports psychologist.

He took some time off from the sporting scene to concentrate on his personal life and reassess his priorities.

Ryan Callinan with his twin sisters and his mother during his childhood days (Source: Instagram)

Ryan had intended to meet his sisters and them for lunch at a cousin’s house after they had spent the morning with their mother.

But after hearing from his sister that Janice had passed out, Ryan hurried home to find paramedics giving his mother CPR.

Before they could bring her to the hospital, she passed away.

While he battled to cope with the death of his mother, Ryan’s surfing worsened.

He even had the idea of quitting the game altogether. Yet he ultimately understood that competing was still vital to him, albeit in a new way.

He let go of the need to perform and shifted his attention to just enjoying the activity he loved.

Ryan’s parents’ influence on his childhood can be seen in his tenacity and drive.

They showed him that even though awful things occur, they can be overcome with love and support.

Most people would have been broken by losing both parents so quickly, yet Ryan’s spirit has endured.

He still surfs and competes, but he now recognizes the fun of the sport and the value of family and community.

Ryan Callinan Siblings

Talking about Ryan Callinan’s siblings, Maddi and Billie, his twin sisters, have always been a source of pride and encouragement for him.

The siblings have a great relationship and a deep bond despite being of different ages.

Ryan Callinan frequently posts pictures of himself with his sisters on his Instagram page, especially on their birthdays.

He also frequently posts pictures from their early years, which is lovely.

Ryan Callinan with his siblings’ sisters Maddi and Billie (Source: Instagram)

They both enjoy surfing, and they frequently hit the waves together whenever they get the chance.

Ryan has expressed his gratitude for his bond with his sisters and how they have helped mold him into the person he is today.

The deep bond between the siblings is evidence of the value of having a solid support network and the strength of the family.

Ryan Callinan Married Life

Ryan’s marriage to Nina is a major turning point in his life.

He faced the mid-year cut, but he still surfed the largest waves he’s ever surfed in Australia and regained his spot on the CT with some outstanding Challenger Series results.

But by far, the most significant event was Ryan’s marriage to Nina, his longtime girlfriend, in October.

The location of the official wedding vows served as the source of the name of his newest edit, “Beneath the Pear Tree.”

Ryan Callinan with his wife Nina during their weeding (Source: Instagram)

Ryan Callinan regularly shares snippets of his life with his social media followers, including his wife, Nina.

Before they married, Ryan used to post images of them spending time together at the beach, taking quick breaks at cafes, and overall having a good time.

And on important days like her birthday, Ryan quickly posts pictures of her on social media to wish her a happy birthday and express his love and gratitude.

Through his social media presence, Ryan allows followers a glimpse into his private life and his love for his spouse.

Finally, Ryan’s marriage to Nina was a memorable and meaningful occasion in his life, and it served as the basis for the title of his new movie, Surf.

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