Stephen Curry Sick

Stephen Curry Sick is trending online, as he has missed several games due to his shoulder and leg injuries.

Whether you are a new or veteran NBA fan, chances are you must have heard about Stephen Curry at least once, if not more. He is a legendary player whose legacy is one of a kind.

There are a few athletes who chose to continue with a single team from their draft. Curry is one of them who started his journey with the Golden State Warriors and has continued to play for them to date.

First-round pick NBA star has led Warriors to four NBA championship victories. He was also named NBA MVP two times in 2015 and 2016.

Adding to his NBA accomplishments, Curry has been named NBA All-Star nine times, All-NBA First Team four times, All-NBA Second Team three times, and All-NBA Third Team once.

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Is Stephen Curry Sick? Is He Suffering From Any Illness?

As a player, one is always disciplined regarding their diet or performance. While athletes always work to reduce their shortcomings, they also have to pay attention to their health, as stress and grueling hard work cause negative impacts.

Stephen has had his share of injuries; thankfully, he hasn’t been terminally ill. He is not sick; hence, fans can set their hearts to rest.

Image Of Stephen Curry (Source: Instagram)

The athlete has shared that he has an eye condition named keratoconus. It causes the cornea thinning and bulges into a shape of a cone.

Curry wears contact lenses and shared about his eye condition in April 2019. Fortunately, one can live a normal life with keratoconus given proper care and treatment.

Stephen must be following his optometrist’s instructions to the T and taking good care of his eyes.

Stephen Curry Injury And Health Update

Alas, not every journey is without its obstacles, just like how life is not always sunshine and rainbow. Likewise, athletes also undergo multitudes of struggles to reach where they are.

While there are hectic schedules, tough training, and strict regulation, the most dreadful thing for a player is injury. Stephen is not unfamiliar with this topic, given his history of injuries.

For instance, the sportsman broke his hand after colliding with Phoenix Suns guard Aron Baynes in October 2019. It sidelined him from the court for three months and a better portion of the 2019-20 season.

Stephen Curry has had his share of injuries over the years (Source: Instagram)

In the 2023 season alone, the Warriors’ point guard first sustained a shoulder injury and was out for an extended period. He then suffered a left leg injury on February 4 in a match against Dallas Mavericks.

Regarding the latter, Curry’s MRI results showed him to have partially torn his superior tibiofibular ligaments.

After the leg injury, the NBA star could not play the match against Oklahoma City. Recently, he was seen walking to the training table with an ice bag wrapped around his injured left calf.

But, it has not been known when Curry will return to compete on the court.

The Warriors’ crucial player has led them to many victories over the years, and the team’s rise in the league primarily depends on his performance. Hence, fans eagerly await Stephen’s recovery and return to the court.

Curry has been keeping his fans updated about his condition on social media. He recently shared he misses being on the game. Likewise, he proudly shares his teammates’ accomplishments.

Hopefully, Stephen Curry will return to the court soon.

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