Luca Brecel Girlfriend

Snooker player Luca Brecel was dating his girlfriend Gaelle Dept; however, they have parted ways as of now.

Luca Brecel began playing snooker at the age of nine. When he was 12, he scored his first competitive century break.

In 2009, Luca became the youngest European Under 19 opponent in a victory against Michael Wasley in Saint Peterburg. He participated in the 2012 World Championship as a debut.

Brecel wins six-time world championship runner-up Jimmy white by 4-3 and 1997 world champions Key Doherty by 5-3 in the grand final of the World Series of Snooker.

Later, Luca Brecel was named Belgium Sportsman of the Year in the Promising Talent Category.

In the last two years, Luca played in the quarterfinals of the English Open, where he lost 5-1 to Ronnie O’Sullivan and the last of the UK Championship.

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Luca Brecel Girlfriend Gaelle Dept

Luca Bracel and his girlfriend Gaelle Dept dated each before they decided to part ways. 

Luca Brecel Girlfriend
Luca Brecel with his Girlfriend Gaelle Dept (Source: Nieuwsblad)

Gaelle Dept is on Instagram, and it seems like she loves to travel a lot and the beach.

Luca and Gaelle were happy with each other, but lately, they are not dating anymore.

Because even though they have not announced it publicly, according to Instagram the following list, they have not followed each other right now.

The last photo Gaelle posted with Luca Brecel on Instagram was in 2019.

Therefore, there is a chance of a breakup or maybe a fight between them.

Luca Brecel And Gaelle Dept Dating History

Luca Brecel and Gaelle Dept are not dating anymore or not following each other right now, while they were exdating history.

Luca Brecel was blessed and lucky to have a girlfriend like Gaelle, who was always there to support him in every game.

In one of the games of Belgium snooker player with Welsch Daniel Wells, Gaelle looked tense in the first round of the European Masters snooker tournament in Lommel in 2018.

Moreover, in one of the interviews, Gaelle also stated, If he cheats on me, ‘I want a voucher also to cheat.’

Gaelle also appears active on her Twitter account and supports his boyfriend Luca by sharing every post related to him.

This is how Gaelle used to support and feel proud to have a boyfriend, Luca Brecel.

But, seems Gaelle still has a soft corner for Luca because she has yet to delete their moments from her Instagram, whereas Luca has not had any photos with her.

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