Snooker player Neil Robertson Nickname, The Melbourne Machine, is a matter of curiosity among fans. Neil is an Australian professional snooker player and past world champion.

Since 2006, Neil Robertson has achieved at least one professional victory yearly, winning 23 ranking titles.

Robertson is a skilled break-builder with over 850 competitive century breaks, including five maximum breaks.

He is the fourth professional snooker player to reach the 800-century milestone after Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins, and Judd Trump. In 2013–14, he finished with a record 103 centuries, making him the first player in history achieving 100 centuries in a single season.

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Snooker Neil Robertson Nickname: The Melbourne Machine

Robertson achieved the earliest century break in an Australian ranking match at 14, starting his snooker career and getting the nickname Melboutnr Machine.

During the 1998–1999 season, he began working formally. At 17, he made it to the third qualifying round of the 1999 World Championship.

Neil Robertson, the only Australian to ever triumph in a ranking snooker competition, also had a perfect record in the first six live TV finals.

Snooker Player
Snooker Player Neil Robertson nickname is Melbourne Machine. (Source- The Guardian )

Without counting minor divisions, he has only amassed more than 750 century breaks as an expert breaker in professional leagues. In addition, during the 2013–14 season, Neil scored 100 hundred in a single season for the first time.

Neil Robertson is typically regarded as the most successful professional snooker player outside the United Kingdom. He also uses his left hand to perform.

Nothing more remained for him to accomplish in his protracted billiards career. The Australian is undoubtedly the best international player and is also regarded as one of the greatest snooker players in history.

Who is Neil Robertson?

SNL player Neil was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on February 11, 1982. His Father, Ian Robertson, and Alison Hunter’s mother gave birth to him as their first boy and eldest child.

He and his younger sibling Marc Robertson were raised in Melbourne, Victoria.

The Australian initially had little interest in billiards but became more involved and enjoyed it. He entered into competitive snooker competitions at the age of just 14.

Robertson also made history by breaking a century in a match between Australian-ranked players at an early age.

He then continued his education at Norwood Secondary College in Ringwood, Victoria. Little else is known about The Melbourne Machine’s early years.

Neil Robertson Net Worth: How Rich?

Neil Robertson’s net worth is expected to be around 5.2 million euros, or $7.3 million. He has participated in and won snooker tournaments since he was a child.

Because snooker is his primary source of income, he wants to make as much money as possible before retiring.

Neil Robertson
Professional Snooker Player Neil Robertson (Source- The Guardian )

He should have saved the complete 5 million euros he won in tournaments. After accounting for his travel expenditures, family expenses over the years, and lavish lifestyle, our experts estimate his net worth to be around $5 million.

His total earnings did not halt at 5 million euros; his total earnings throughout his career are estimated to be 7 million euros, which includes endorsements, savings, interest, and investments, among other things.

Neil Robertson Girlfriend Turned Wife Mille Fjelldal

The snooker champion married his wife, Mille Fjelldal, who was his longtime girlfriend. Neil and Mille tied the knot in London, England.

Their wedding was romantic, as one would expect from a billionaire.

The pair left the venue shortly after exchanging rings and posing for wedding photos on a busy street.

While the cameraman was working, the couple held hands and started strolling down the street.

Neil Robertson wife and kids
Neil Robertson with his wife and kids (Source- Euro Sports )

Neil and his wife were blessed with two daughters. Alexander, their first kid, was born. Two years after they met, the pair welcomed their first child on May 12, 2010.

When Alexander was born, Neil was in the World Championship finals. Robertson and Mille Fjelldal first encountered in 2008.

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