Santi Aldama injury and health have become hot topics among his supporters, who are anxiously awaiting updates on his recent condition.

Santi Aldama’s injury is undoubtedly a setback for the player and the squad, but thanks to his brilliance and tenacity, he will surely recover faster than ever.

Aldama is a young player who has already accomplished much and has a bright future.

With his deal, he has guaranteed himself a sound financial base, which will spur him to keep raising his level of play.

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Santi Aldama Health Update

The Memphis Grizzlies’ supporters are alarmed by Santi Aldama’s health update.

His availability is uncertain because he has a lot of games marked as doubtful or questionable.

He has been forced to miss some games due to this injury, including the game against the Thunder on April 9, 2023.

Santi Aldama Injury
Santi Aldama with his team during a match before his injury (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, he has been battling a bothersome elbow ailment that has kept him out of action for several games.

He missed games against the Bucks, Thunder, and, most recently, the Raptors due to his injury on April 5.

He has big shoes to fill as the son of a former Olympian basketball player. Still, he has already demonstrated the skills necessary to excel at the sport’s highest level.

The Grizzlies’ supporters will anticipate his return to the court and pray for a quick recovery.

Santi Aldama Injuries History

Santi Aldama history of injuries has raised some questions. Santi Aldama has experienced his fair share of injury setbacks throughout his brief career.

The 23-year-old forward has missed multiple games due to various ailments and illnesses, including elbow, ankle, knee, foot, and calf problems.

Aldama’s most recent injury was to his elbow on April 5, 2023, while playing against the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Grizzlies hope to have him back for the playoffs, but it’s unknown when he can play again.

Aldama had an ankle injury earlier in the year, on December 30, 2022, while playing against the Toronto Raptors.

Due to the injury, he could not complete the game and had to miss several games as he recovered.

Santi Aldama scoring his wining shot
Santi Aldama scoring his winning shot (Source: Instagram)

Due to illness, Aldama was forced to miss a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in November 2022.

It is unknown what sickness he had, but the Grizzly’s medical team took all necessary measures to ensure he recovered completely.

Aldama sustained a knee injury in April 2022, which kept him out of action for a while.

After a few weeks of recovery and therapy, he returned to the field and finished the season strongly.

Aldama sustained a foot injury in February 2022, which prevented him from playing in a match against the Miami Heat.

He was quickly allowed to return to the court because the injury wasn’t significant.

Aldama also sustained a calf injury in December 2021, which caused him to miss a game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

He was able to play in the next match despite the minor injury.

Despite these obstacles, when healthy, Aldama has shown to be a vital player for the Grizzlies.

Santi Aldama Contract

The Memphis Grizzlies and emerging basketball talent Santi Aldama have agreed to a lucrative 4-year contract deal worth $10,243,371.

This agreement includes a fixed value of $10,243,371 that ensures Aldama will be fairly compensated for his on-court abilities.

He will make a basic pay of $2,094,120 in the 2022–23 season, with an average yearly income of $2,560,843.

Santi Aldama during his holiday
Santi Aldama during his holiday (Source: Instagram)

The contract also contains incentives and bonuses that may increase his income further, creating a win-win scenario for all sides.

The Grizzlies have promised to compensate Aldama handsomely in the following seasons, including yearly increases to his base wage.

The Grizzlies exercised their club option during the 2023–24 season, securing Aldama’s contract for one additional year. The group thinks highly of him and is optimistic about his future.

When Aldama becomes a restricted free agent in 2025, he will have the chance to sign an even more lucrative contract because he received a qualifying offer of $5,940,797 last year.

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