Sahvir Wheeler Parents

The rising Wildcats player Sahvir Wheeler is the beloved son of Teddy Wheeler and Jacqueline Wheeler.

When talking about NCAA, we immediately visualize young and potential athletes. And it’s true, considering many of these young men will go on to be drafted into NBA.

Getting the league’s attention is Sahvir Wheeler, a point guard for the Kentucky Wildcats. He has been competing since his early days and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

After a year of playing stint with Georgia Bulldogs, the young gun transferred to the University of Kentucky and has been competing for them since. However, due to his injury, the player has been out of the game for some time now.

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Meet Sahvir Wheeler Parents Jacqueline And Teddy Wheeler – Family Details

When talking about the college athlete, we can’t miss Sahvir Wheeler’s parents, Jacqueline and Teddy Wheeler. He grew up in a large household alongside his five siblings.

Sahvir’s dad, Teddy, is a Houston Christian School and Basketball University assistant basketball coach. He coached his eldest son in high school.

On the other hand, Sahvir Wheeler’s mother, Jacqueline, has stayed away from the limelight. Nevertheless, his parents have always supported his sports dream and cheered for his success.

Sahvir Wheeler Has Five Siblings (Source: Instagram)

The athlete’s family often attends his games and cheers for him. Not just moral support, they also provide him with valuable life advice.

For instance, once Sahvir talked about racism and mentioned the issue of his father being pulled over by a cop.

Teddy gave his young boy one-on-one talk about etiquette and behavior, such as keeping your hands on the wheel, keeping the windows down, turning off the music, avoiding unexpected movements, using politeness, remaining calm and patient, and requesting permission before obtaining documents, etc.

While Sahvir has gained recognition as a college basketball player, very little is known about his siblings. As per Player’s Wiki, his five siblings are Montana Wheeler, Sage Wheeler, Lincoln Wheeler, Lola Wheeler, and Liv Wheeler.

It’s not precisely known whether Sahvir Wheeler’s brothers and sisters have followed in his footsteps. Who knows, they might also be into sports.

Sahvir Wheeler Had A Minor Injury

Unfortunately, life is not always full of sunshine; it must also suffer hurricanes now and then. Sahvir has been great on the court so far, but he will be out of the game for a while.

On Senior Night, the Vanderbilt Commodores visited Kentucky to play the Wildcats. But the Kentucky point guard didn’t attend the festivities because of surgery.

Sahvir Has Been Out of The Court For A While Now (Source: Instagram)

Sahvir underwent a small procedure that kept him out of action for a while, according to head coach John Calipari. Wheeler wasn’t present for the night’s events.

As per the Kentucky head coach,

Sahvir had a minor procedure unrelated to his ankle injury this morning and will be out for a bit.

Because he’s recovering today, Sahvir will not be part of tonight’s Senior Day ceremony.

Source: A Sea Of Blue

Wheeler sustained an ankle injury during practice on February 4 and hasn’t played since the home victory over the Florida Gators.

After a month, Wheeler doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to playing again, leaving fans to wonder if they will see him again in the 2023 season.

Wheeler’s injury and inability to participate in the Senior Night celebration are terrible news.

Thankfully, due to the free COVID-19 season, Sahvir Wheeler still has one season of eligibility remaining. Hopefully, we will see him returning to court soon.

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