Who is Richard Gasquet girlfriend in 2023? Following Richard’s romance with Laury Thilleman and their subsequent breakup.

It is claimed that Richard Gasquet is secretly dating an unknown girl even though he hasn’t disclosed his current relationship status on social media.

Rumors that Richard had started dating Belgian model Jade Lagardère spread after his breakup with Thilleman.

But, Jade and Richard insisted that they were just friends, and in 2013, Jade wed French businessman Arnaud Lagardère.

Richard Gasquet Girlfriend In 2023

In 2023, Richard Gasquet girlfriend and his love life attracted a lot of attention from his supporters and admirers, who are eager to find out who the French tennis player is presently dating.

According to current rumors, he has recently been linked to Clementine sans pepsins. On December 5, 2022, Clementine shared a photo of the couple on her Instagram account, which attracted attention to the story.

Clementine has attended Richard Gasquet’s several matches and supports him from the stands. Clementine is well-liked by tennis fans for her attractiveness.

Richard Gasquet girlfriend
Richard Gasquet with his rumor girlfriend Clementine (Source: Instagram)

According to the French Sun-Times, the duo was reportedly seen looking for engagement rings on April 8, 2023. The publication reported that insiders think the couple is “heating up,” and an engagement is unavoidable.

Richard is reportedly head over heels for Clementine, according to sources. The secret marriage of Richard and Clementine, which was attended by only a select group of close friends and family, was revealed by the Paris Daily News on April 9, 2023.

Even Richard’s new wedding band was spotted by certain admirers.

Some Twitter users believed the couple appeared content, while others wondered if they were referring to the rumored wedding. Their alleged covert marriage has generated a lot of buzz among fans.

Richard Gasquet and Laury Thilleman’s Relationship TimeLine

The timeline of Richard Gasquet and Laury Thilleman’s relationship is an intriguing tale that started in 2012. When rumors of the couple’s relationship started to spread, there was a flurry of curiosity about their developing romance.

As their connection spread, fans were curious to discover more about the French tennis player’s love life.

Richard tried to keep his romantic life a secret, but reports persisted that he was seeing former Miss France Thilleman. The pair were frequently seen together in public and were said to be inseparable.

After dating for two years, it was revealed that they had split up, leaving admirers to wonder what went wrong.

Richard was cautious not to discuss his relationship with Thilleman on social media while they were dating. As a result, some people assumed that their relationship had hit a rough period and ended up breaking up.

Despite the gossip, neither Thilleman nor Richard would comment on the topic.

Laury Thilleman (Source: Instagram)

After they broke up, rumors spread that Richard saw Belgian beauty Jade Lagardère. Even though they were frequently photographed together, Richard and Jade stated they were only friends and denied any romantic involvement.

Jade finally ended the rumors when she wed French businessman Arnaud Lagardère in 2013.

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Richard has stayed dedicated to his work and charitable endeavors despite his relationship problems. To better the lives of disadvantaged kids, he founded the Richard Gasquet Foundation in 2016.

The organization works with underprivileged kids to give them access to better healthcare and educational opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty.

After dating Richard for two years, Laury Thilleman dated Juan Arbelaez for seven years before getting engaged to him. The couple, however, recently announced their separation, and Thilleman shared the news with her followers on Instagram.

Richard Gasquet is still a beloved tennis player, and fans remain interested in his career despite his recent relationship issues.

Richard Gasquet And Laury Thilleman Break Up

French tennis prodigy Richard Gasquet recently called it quits with his girlfriend, Laury Thilleman. Several of their supporters, who had been hoping for their romance to endure, were shocked to learn of their breakup.

According to many sources, Richard and Laury supposedly broke up after dating for two years.

Richard had refrained from making social media posts about their affair, and the couple had largely kept their relationship a secret.

Yet, in 2012, reports about their relationship began circulating, leading people to wonder how things stood between the pair.

Notwithstanding the gossip, the pair maintained a low-key relationship, and little information about them was publicized.

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It is unknown why Richard and Laury split up, and neither Party has commented. Yet, people close to them claim that they may have grown apart because of their demanding jobs and busy schedules.

Their relationship probably suffered due to Richard’s commitment to his tennis career, which demands a lot of time and energy.

Richard Gasquet rumor girlfriend Clementine is with her kids (Source: Instagram)

It’s crucial to remember that Richard does not readily divulge details of his private life to the public. Hence, unsurprisingly, he has kept his breakup with Laury private.

Even still, many of his supporters have expressed their dismay and sadness at the news of their breakup. Richard is expected to continue concentrating on his tennis career after his breakup.

He has always been a committed athlete, and his skill and dedication have won him many admirers worldwide. He has a bright career ahead of him, and his dedication to his sport is commendable.

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