O'Maury Samuels Arrest

O’Maury Samuels Arrest in Dec 2018 reports had been the breaking news for days. He was arrested on two charges, one of domestic violence and another of spiteful destruction of property.

O’Maury Samuels is a 6 feet tall Senoir American football player, currently playing for New Mexico State Aggis as a running back. He was born in Los Lunas, NM.

In this article, we have covered all the details about those charges on Samuels and the decisions made on the issues of that case.

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O’Maury Samuels Arrest Charges

According to reports, the accused crime was committed on 8 Dec. 2018. It is reported that Samuels was drunk and was attending the University of Michigan Campus when the offense was committed.

The university, whose police department handled the event, refused a public records request for a copy of the police report, citing an ongoing investigation.

He was a star player for Michigan Football Team at that time. He had a role of running back on the team and was renowned as the pillar of the team.

O'Maury Samuels Arrest
O’Maury Samuels. (Source : nmstatesports)

Soon after the news flooded the Internet, he was dismissed from the team without any reasons provided. It was also unclear in the statement whether O’Maury Samuels could be allowed to be back on the team.

“O’Maury Samuels has been released from the Michigan Football Team,” Michigan Football spokesman Dave Ablaus clarified in a statement the day Samuels was dismissed.

Upon the O’Maury Samuels Arrest Charges, Harbaugh has made it clear that he will not tolerate domestic abuse.

This was obvious because previously, in 2014, he stated, “If someone physically assaults a woman, or physically, mentally, or injures a child, there is no understanding, and there is no tolerance for that.”

That was not the first time a player was dismissed from the team. Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of Michigan, has fired players accused of domestic abuse before.

Former Michigan defensive back Nate Johnson was dismissed from the team in October 2017 following his arrest for assaulting a woman. He later entered a guilty plea to one count of battery and domestic abuse.

Samuels Verdict on the charges: What Happened?

According to a court official, O’Maury Samuels, after his arrest, showed up for the hearing on 12 Dec. in the 15th District Court in Ann Arbor.

Samuels acknowledged in court that he had taken a woman’s cell phone, broken it, and thrown it to the floor. But he denied hitting a woman.

He had requested a settlement conference. Judge Elizabeth Hines consented to drop one charge of domestic violence in exchange for a guilty plea to spiteful destruction of property valued at less than $200, a misdemeanor.

O'Maury Samuels Arrest
O’Maury Samuels. (source: clickondetroit)

Samuels, of Los Lunas, New Mexico, will probably just be asked to pay a fee and receive probation under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act, even though the maximum punishment for such an offense is 93 days in jail and a $500 fine, according to Hines.

Douglas Lewis, Samuels’ lawyer, asserted in court on the hearing day that his client has no prior convictions.

Asked upon O’Maury Samuel’s Arrest Charges himself, he denied his charge of hitting a woman. “There was no evidence that I hit a woman,” Samuels said. He declined further questions regarding the case.

O’Maury Samuels early life And Career

O’Maury Samuels was born on January 8, 1999, in Los Lunas, NM. He played college football at the University of Michigan until he was suspended in 2018

Samuels gained a reputation for his athleticism and speed while a student at Michigan. He was heavily recruited after high school and was seen as a promising college football prospect.

But because of off-field difficulties, his career was cut short, and he eventually quit the team before his senior season.

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