Nic Naitanui Brother

While he is renowned as a Footballer, Nic Naitanui Brother, Mark Naitanui, has remained out of the spotlight.

Many might be familiar with NFL and their athletes. However, there are also other football leagues that are slowly gaining more prominence worldwide.

Speaking of which, we have the Australian Football League, which has been running since the 1990s. The only league to organize pro Australian rules football competitions, it has born many talented athletes over the decades.

When talking about AFL players, we can never miss Nic Naitanui. He has been playing for the West Coast Eagles since 2009. Not just that, he has also represented his home country in many international tournaments.

From his humble beginnings to becoming an AFL star, Nic has come a long way. His journey till now results from his grit, hard work, determination, and resilience. He continues to inspire other young players in the league.

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Meet Nic Naitanui Brother Mark And Their Parents – Family Details

When discussing their favorite athlete, fans often search for their background and family members. Hence, searches about Nic Naitanui’s brother, Mark Naitanui, are unsurprising.

Well, Mark is Nic’s twin brother, and they were born on May 4, 1990, in New South Wales, Australia. Unfortunately, Naitanui’s dad, Bola Naitanui, passed away after battling cancer when he and his twin were two years old.

Afterward, Nic Naitanui’s mother, Atetha Naitanui, raised him and his siblings as a single mom. She worked at youth and homeless shelters, and the financial situation at home was always difficult.

Reminiscing the old times, the footballer shared how he used to be angry at his mom for not being able to buy Nike shoes and other stuff. He didn’t understand how difficult it was for his mom to work three jobs and run their household.

Nic Naitanui With His Mother ( Source: WestCoastEagles)

After growing up, Naitanui understood his mom’s struggle and shares he felt guilty and apologetic about his past behaviors. Furthermore, Atetha was helpful and even opened her house to people who were struggling.

Unfortunately, Nic Naitunia’s mom passed away on August 8, 2015. He missed several games and returned to be with his family in Fiji.

The sportsman shared a picture of him placing flowers on his late mama’s grave with a heartfelt caption:

Mum you sacrificed everything and struggled for us kids and I’m forever thankful for all you’ve done.

Source: The Age

Nic mentioned how he would forever be devoted to being half the person that his mom was. He concluded the post by saying he loves her.

Mark Naitanui Wrote A Lengthy Tribute To His Brother

Nic didn’t just have a supportive mom; he also has a caring brother who has always been there for him. Nic’s twin has primarily stayed away from the media radar, but he never shies away from sharing how he feels about the player.

Mark wrote a lengthy tribute to Nic, detailing their experiences from when they were five to the Eagles player being drafted in the AFL. The twins grew up playing club basketball and even won a few grand finals.

Mark opened up about when the family lost their matriarch in 2015 and how it impacted everyone. He was surprised when Nic returned to play the same year despite the grief.

Nic Naitanui On The Field (Source: WestCoastEagles)

Nic Naitanui’s brother also gave insight into how he doesn’t ask for help from anyone. He doesn’t want people to feel sorry for him and does everything on his own.

Mark is proud of his twin standing up against racism in the AFL. He believes his brother opened the door for players from different races to compete in AFL.

Finally, Nis’s twin concluded the tribute by mentioning he and the entire family are proud of him. He also added that their mom is proud of Nic.

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