Wes McCauley wife, Bethany McCauley, greatly aids in juggling both his work life as an NHL referee and his personal life.

Wes McCauley, a Canadian NHL official, was born in Georgetown, Ontario, on January 11, 1972.

He was selected in the 1990 NHL Draft by the Detroit Red Wings while he was a defenceman for the hockey team at Michigan State University.

Following his father’s footsteps, he stopped playing once his playing career was up and started officiating minor league games in Ontario before moving up to the NHL.

On January 20, 2003, he refereed his first NHL game.

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Wes McCauley Wife

The renowned NHL official Wes McCauley has his lovely wife Bethany by his side.

Bethany has been Wes’ consistent support system throughout his life, although there isn’t much information known about her.

Pursuing a career in sports requires a lot of effort and commitment, and having a supportive partner can make all the difference.

Wes appears to have been fortunate in that respect, as he has been able to follow his love of ice hockey while starting a family, partly because of his devoted wife.

Bethany is undoubtedly a fascinating woman, although there isn’t much information known about her.

She appears to be a devoted mother to their four children and a caring and supportive wife.

It is impossible to stress how important she was to Wes’s success, and her love for their family is admirable.

Wes McCauley wife and kids
Wes McCauley with his wife and Kids (Source: howlings.net)

Wes McCauley is a committed family man and a good ice hockey official.

His amazing ability to balance his personal and professional life inspires many.

Wes has had amazing success in his work, and he mostly credits his family, especially his wife Bethany, for their everlasting love and support.

She has been an essential part of his life, supporting him through thick and thin and helping him to balance a happy family life with the ups and downs of his work.

It is impossible to exaggerate how important Bethany has been to Wes’s success. She is genuinely a fantastic woman.

Wes McCauley Children

With his wife Bethany, Wes McCauley, a former hockey player now an NHL official, has four children. Riley, his oldest kid, is a first-year student at the University of Arizona.

The second child, Emma, is in grade 11 and hopes to get a hockey scholarship. Maggie, their youngest child, is a seventh-grader.

Wes constantly makes sure to give his family enough time and attention, showing that he takes his responsibilities as a father seriously.

Despite the responsibilities of his profession, Wes prioritizes spending meaningful time with his kids, whether through supporting them at their hockey games or just hanging out as a family.

Wes McCauley with his family and friends receiving awards
Wes McCauley with his family and friends receiving awards (Source: howlings.net)

Under their parents’ leadership, Riley, Emma, and Maggie appear to be flourishing, and it is clear that Wes and Bethany have instilled valuable values in their children.

In addition to being gifted and motivated, they are also sensitive and nice people. The determination and excitement with which the McCauley kids pursue their interests are encouraging.

It is obvious that they have a successful future ahead of them.

Wes McCauley Parents

Wes McCauley’s parents have made a significant impact on the NHL community. Before his tragic death in 1989, John McCauley, his father, served as the Director of Officiating and a former NHL referee.

Despite his brief tenure in this position, John had had a big impact on the game.

Wes McCauley late father John McCauley
Wes McCauley’s late father John McCauley (Source: NHL officials)

Wes has happy memories of going to games when his father was employed and even saw a funny exchange between his father and an upset Tiger Williams.

John McCauley’s legacy endures today due to the many people who remember him with tremendous admiration.

Wes ascribes his success to his father’s example of celebrating other people’s accomplishments and aspires to do the same.

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