Nestor Cortes Wife

Fans are curious about the bond of Cuban American professional baseball pitcher Nestor Cortes wife Alondra Esteras, who is a beautiful model and a actress.

Nestor Cortes is a renowned professional baseball pitcher from America. The pitcher competes for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball.

Cortes’s career started after the New York Yankees selected him in the 36th round of the 2013 MLB.

He persistently played in the minor league, so he was pushed forward to the major league by the Yankees in 2020.

The pitcher came into the spotlight quickly because of his exceptional pitching and famous signature mustache, making him unique from other players.

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Who Is Alondra Esteras? Nestor Cortes Wife

Alondra Gabriela Esteras Russy, the Yankees pitcher’s wife, was born on August 16, 1996. Her birthplace was in Puerto Rico, but she resides in Miami, Florida.

The Cortes Jr’s wife graduated from the Everglades Highschool in Miramar and went to Florida Career College in Miami.

There is currently no information obtainable about her distinct profession. From Russy’s Instagram, it seems she is a fashion model and a digital creator.

Nestor Cortes Wife
Nestor Cortes Jr’s Wife Alondra Esteras.(Source: Instagram)

On social media, the model mostly posts about her husband’s family members than her own.

But despite that, she has disclosed that she has two sisters, Dalila Ruiz Rucci and Kary Esteras, who are of Puerto Rican descent.

The Puerto Rican sisters,  Alondra and Dalila, may seem close as they have a good bond through their pictures.

Nestor And Alondra Relationship Timeline And Age Gap

The couple started their relationship after going on a date in 2015 and dating for several years.

After passing a few years, he won the All-Star game of 2022, and at that right moment, he took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend.

The champ knelt and proposed to his girlfriend at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, officially announcing their engagement with his parents along his side.

Nestor Cortes Wife
Nestor posted a picture on their anniversary, captioning, “I love you so much and thankful for you every day!” (Source: Instagram)

On the day of thanksgiving, they celebrated their seventh anniversary on November 25, 2022.

The left-handed pitcher and his wife only have two years age gap.

They don’t have that much of an age gap, but even if they had, it wouldn’t make any difference to the lovely couple.

Nestor Cortes Parents: Nestor Cortes Sr And Yuslaidy

The Cuban-American player was born to Nestor Cortes Sr. and Yuslaidy Cortes on December 10, 1994, in Surgidero de Batabano, Cuba.

From the start of the economic crisis in Cuba in 1991, the people of Cuba suffered a lot; they had to experience the dreadful impacts of food shortages, the energy crisis, etc.

Cortes Jr.’s Father tried to run off with a boat to the U.S. from the northern coast. Because of his illegal actions, he was sentenced to one year in prison.

After Nestor Sr. was bailed from prison in 1992, he crossed paths with his wife, Yuslaidy, the following year.

Even after he was bailed out, he certainly did not back down on emigrating from Cuban to the U.S.

Luckily, after the agreement of visa lottery between U.S. and Cuban governments in 1995.

Nestor Jr.’s father got the visa lottery, and they moved out to Hialeah, Florida, USA.

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