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Michael Graham is a shock jock expert who works as a Journalist and television pundit in the United Kingdom. Learn everything about Mike Graham Wife.

Graham took over as co-host of the weekly “Extra Time” program on talkSPORT in March 2011 after Mike Parry left.

Graham’s future with Talksport was uncertain at the time. In October 2013, Parry and Graham returned to the airwaves to talk about “a host of issues” on “Extra Time.”

In the future, this show changed into “The Two Mikes,” a regular, three-hour time slot from one to four in the morning.

Graham and Parry began their Two Mikes “World Tour” in various regions of the UK in 2015. The Daily Telegraph named The Two Mikes “Alternative Men of the Year” in 2015.

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Mike Graham Wife And Children: To Whom Is He Married To?

Mike Graham’s former classmate Mairi McAleavey is now his wife. His wife, Mairi McAleavey, was born in 1924.

He and his sister attended local schools in the London Borough of Camden.
Their daughter Emma Graham was a gift to them both. Graham attended the University of Bath but dropped out before graduation.

Graham was born in London’s Hampstead to Scottish parents, newspaper graphic artists Archibald Graham and Mairi McAleavey.

Mike Graham Wife
Mike Graham Wife (Source- Twitter )

He was a Scottish man, the son of a newspaper illustrator, Archibald Graham. His family’s history and ancestry full details remain a mystery. Besides this, there is no information available.

brief about Mike Graham career

Before starting his radio career, Graham worked as a Fleet Street Journalist for 25 years. He worked as the Scottish Daily Mirror’s and the Daily Express’s associate editor.

In 1992, he covered the Bosnian War as a Journalist for the Daily Express. Graham resided in New York City from 1984 to 1992.

Graham began anchoring “The Independent Republic of Mike Graham” from 10 am to 1 pm on UTV’s former Scottish radio station Talk 107 in February 2006. In November 2006, he was also appointed the station’s program director.

Graham took over when co-host Mike Parry quit talkSPORT’s weekly 1 am to 6 am show, “Extra Time,” in March 2011.

At the moment, Graham’s future with Talksport was in doubt. Parry and Graham returned to the airways in October 2013 to discuss “a host of issues” on “Extra Time.”

Later, this program evolved into “The Two Mikes,” a regular, three-hour time slot from 1 to 4 in the morning. In 2015, Graham and Parry kicked off their Two Mikes “World Tour” in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Mike Graham, a Journalist, is thought to be worth roughly $1.1 million. His main source of income was his journalism career. Since the 1980s, he has worked in this industry.

Did Mike Graham involve in any controversy?

Graham caused controversy in 2017 when he referred to Liverpool F.C. fans as “murderers” in a tweet on the 1985 Heysel Stadium disaster.

In a Twitter battle with another user in 2020, he was criticized for referring to Celtic F.C. as “the paedo’s football club.”

Graham was accused of disparaging climate change activist and expert carpenter Cameron Ford for utilizing wood as a building material in 2021 while Ford was a guest on Graham’s program.

Mike Graham plows through the morning newspapers. (Source- Sky )

Graham said that it is hypocritical for an environmentalist to deal with lumber because doing so involves the removal of trees.

Later, Graham repeated the allegation that concrete expands as it hardens on Jeremy Kyle’s TalkRadio program. The radio station tweeted a link to a report about self-replicating concrete.

Eventually, in 2022, he faced criticism for making a false claim that a UK mental health organization, the Mind, was paying the legal fees for asylum seekers in the country; TalkTV eventually issued an official apology.

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