Coby White Brother

Coby White brother Will White also plays basketball just like him. 

In the NBA, Coby White is a professional basketball player who is now with the Chicago Bulls National Basketball Association (NBA).

He was born on February 16, 2000, in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and spent one year there before announcing his intention to enter the NBA draft.

The Chicago Bulls choose White with the seventh overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

In his first season, he had an immediate effect, averaging 13.2 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 2.7 assists each game. He also made seven 3-pointers in a single game, a Bulls rookie record.

White continued to improve in his second season, raising his scoring average to 15.1 points per contest.

He is renowned for his speed, scoring prowess, and shooting range and has the tools to excel in the NBA.

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Meet Coby White Brother Will White

Coby White’s brother is Will White. Will, who also participated in basketball, is now employed as an assistant coach at Mars Hill University.

Will White, Coby White’s older brother, knew that Coby was unique and might have been meant to spend his second year of high school here.

Will observed that “he made a significant jump from his freshman to his sophomore year.” They lost their opening game, but it was also when he appeared to ascend.

Coby White Brother
Coby White with his family (Source: Twitter)

Over the holiday break, I returned to visit him; he had grown and become faster and more robust. He claimed that he worked hard at his game.

Coby found great inspiration in Will. Basketball was a game he used to play with his brother and Father.

For Coby, Will was the perfect brother. In both games and in life, he loved and supported his sibling.

We may say that Coby first learned to play basketball by looking up to his Father and brother since Will, who played basketball, used to teach Coby the game.

Coby White sister Tia white

Tia is the name of Coby’s sister, one of his two siblings. It is not much known about Tia.

About his sister, Coby White hasn’t spoken much. She may not enjoy the spotlight.

There is no denying that Coby and his sister are close.

We’ll update it as soon as possible if he ever divulges information regarding his sister.

Coby white parents

Coby White parents are Donald and Bonita White.

Donald White, Coby White’s Father, was also a basketball player. He briefly participated in college basketball at North Carolina Central. Bonita White, White’s mother, is an insurance Company manager.

Donald White, Coby’s Father, died of liver Cancer on August 15, 2017. Coby’s first contact with a basketball was from Donald.

Coby White Brother
Coby White with his father (Source:

When Coby was two years old, he would travel as far as Florida, Nevada, and Tennessee to watch Will play AAU basketball. Coby would practice his brother’s movements on his Nerf hoop at home.

As a North Carolina Central University student, Donald played basketball, but just like Will, he wasn’t nearly skilled enough to advance.

The family name will appear on the back of an NBA jersey thanks to Coby, the seventh overall choice in this year’s draft.

The moving first-person essay in The Players Tribune vividly describes Coby’s sorrow when learning of his Father’s illness.

For My Father is symbolized by the tattoo “FMF” on Coby’s right bicep. His Father’s likeness is featured on a unique pendant necklace that hangs from the right side of his bed in his Chicago residence.

Coby’s family helped him to develop into the person he is today. The family is incredibly close and adores, loves, and supports one another.

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