Liam Martin Mother

Liam Martin Mother, Maxine Martin, has always supported his dream and continues to cheer for his success in the field.

While football has dominated the US Sports scene and soccer in European countries, Rugby has been a fan favorite and popular sport in Australia for centuries. So, it’s no wonder we see hundreds of players being recruited in the National Rugby League each year.

Among the seventeen clubs in the league, one of the renowned teams is Penrith Panthers. Likewise, when discussing the Panthers, you can not miss their second-row forward, Liam Martin.

The sportsman has been competing for the team since the 2019 season. Alongside impressing everyone with his superb playing skills, he has led the rugby team to win the NRL Grand Finals back to back in 2021 and 2022.

Martin’s hard work and efforts are the key reasons behind his success. Similarly, his family and the people behind him are credited for his success, as they have motivated and encouraged him since day one.

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Meet Liam Martin Mother Maxine Martin And Father

Liam is a family man who never shies away from talking about his family’s support and sacrifices. In particular, Liam Martin’s mother, Maxine Martin, loves rugby and always travels long distances to see him play.

Maxine tries never to miss a single game and makes regular trips to Sydney weekly to watch her son practice. She has also driven her little boy all over the place from their hometown, Temora.

For instance, the mom-son duo traveled a nine hundred kilometers round trip from their farm to Penrith every week during the 2015 SG Ball Season. Maxine is so invested in the game that she missed but four games when Liam was in junior level.

Maxine Martin
Liam Martin’s mother, Maxine Martin, is loving and supportive. (Source: Instagram)

Liam Martin’s mom was the local English teacher by profession. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the mid-2010s. During the six-year-long battle with cancer, she only missed a handful of her son’s matches.

Nevertheless, Maxine cheered for the rugby player’s team from wherever she was. On the other hand, not much has been disclosed about Liam Martin’s father.

Liam shared in an interview that his mom and dad separated when he was one. So, he grew up with his mom and siblings on a family farm in Temora.

Who Was Liam Martin Brother Jarred Martin?

The Penrith Panthers second-row forward is the youngest of five children in the Martin household. Liam Martin’s siblings are Breezee, Erinna Martin, Bradley Martin, and Jarred Martin.

Unfortunately, Jarred Martin, who was six years older than Liam, is no more. He tragically died of suicide at 22 in 2014.

Liam grew up playing with his older brother in the backyard. Jarred inspired the athlete, and the siblings were the best of buddies. The young man was deeply affected by his elder brother’s passing and still carries Jarred’s memory.

Liam Martin Brother
Liam Martin’s brother, Jarred Martin, died of suicide. (Source: Instagram)

The sportsperson and his family didn’t see Jarred’s suicide coming, and now they are working to raise awareness about mental health. Martin hopes his late brother’s story will help those mentally struggling.

Liam enjoys talking about Jarred and aspires to make him proud. He once tearfully said,

I never got to play footy with my brother. Every time I step on the field, I just hope I’m doing him proud.

Liam Martin misses his brother and carries his memory with him. He is dedicated to removing the stigma of mental illness and raising mental health awareness.

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