Mark Selby Hair

Is Mark Selby’s hair real, or is he using a wig, or has he done the transplant? Mark’s hairline thickness makes fans suspect he has done a transplant.

Mark’s hair looks voluminous, with a well-defined hairline. He is an English professional player born on 19 June 1983. He is four times World Champion snooker player.

Selby is in the world’s number one position on multiple occasions, won 22 ranking titles, and is ranked eighth on the all-time list of ranking tournament winners.

Moreover, he won the Masters three times and the UK championship twice for nine Triple Crown titles.

Accordingly, Mark became a professional snooker player after winning the England Under-15 Championship. Then a year later, he joined the professional tour in 1999.

Furthermore, he is the only man to have been a World champion in both snooker and pool.

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Mark Selby Hair: Real Or Wig

Mark Selby’s hair is the topic of curiosity among fans. Some even suspect that Mark has used a wig to cover his hairline.

Mark Selby Hair
Mark Selby Hair Before (Source: Instagram)

People have recognized from his earlier photos that the player must have done something with his hair which is not wrong information.

Because one can see changes in his front lines hair and growth too.

After coming out with new hair, people are curious about his real hair or if he is wearing a wig.

Most people assume it’s a wig, and some people assume it’s real. They are just guessing and giving their own opinion.

Focusing on his old photo, it looks like he is in the initial phase of hair loss, with the temple regions of the hair receding and the crown region.

Thus, hair appears to be kind of M-shaped before. But now, the frontal hairline appears better than before.

Has Mark Selby Done Hair Transplant?

Besides his game career, Mark Selby, also known as Jester from Leicester, is also popular for his different hairstyles and colors.

Mark Selby Hair
Mark Selby Hair Now (Source: Sports Joe)

Thin hair and receding hairline also can make people lose confidence. Hence, thus some fans assume that he changed his hair by transplant and is flaunting his dashing looks.

All you need is money in this world to get what you want. As a champion, he has earned a lot to get what he wants.

Compared with past photos, people have been raising questions about his hair. One of the questions raised by people is, ‘Has he done a transplant?

Going through Selby’s old pictures, he used to have hair receding in the frontal region.

Consequently, whether it is a wig is wrong and whether hair can be grown.

Similarly, it can be the transplantation of hair. Compared to the thickness and recovery of his hairlines, it seems like treatment of transplant was involved.

Recently, he has been playing with his hair and appeared with different hair colors and styles in his interview and on the game’s floor.

However, it’s still a mystery unless Mark publicly announces it.

We will be the ones to update you on this topic if he ever talks about his hair transformation.

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