Mark Occhilupo Wife

Mark Occhilupo Wife, Mae Monteiro Occhilupo, is an admirable woman who has supported her husband throughout his life.

A retired Australian competitive surfer with the name of Occy, Mark Occhilupo, is well-known worldwide. He was born on June 16, 1966, in Kurnell, New South Wales.

Occhilupo started a professional at 17 and became known for his advanced and powerful surfing style.

He won his first professional competition in 1984 and won countless additional events during his career.

In 1999, Occhilupo took a vacation from professional surfing due to personal troubles, but he made a spectacular comeback in 2001, winning the WCT event at Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. In 2007, he gave up surfing competitively.

Occhilupo is considered one of the finest surfers of all time and is particularly noted for his abilities in large waves. He was the world champion in 1999 and won 20 WCT competitions throughout his career.

In addition to his surfing career, Occhilupo is an outstanding pundit, author, and motivational speaker. He has been honored with the Surfing Walk of Fame and the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame.

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Mark Occhilupo Wife Mae Monteiro Occhilupo

The wife of Mark Occhilupo is Mae Occhilupo. Mae Occhilupo, who married into the Australian surfing aristocracy, aspires to establish a name for herself in a different healthy pastime.

At the Good Vibes Pilates and Yoga facility in Tweed South, Mae, a yoga practitioner since her early 20s, now instructs children, teenagers, and women in the technique.

Mark Occhilupo Wife
Mark Occhilupo With Mae (Source: Couriermail)

Mae claimed she was motivated to earn her yoga teaching certification last year by the advantages of consistent practice and the improvements she observed in her sons when they started participating.

Although separated for a while, Mae claims that she and legendary surfer Mark Occhilupo, the 1999 world champion, are still best friends and share parenting duties.

Two of Mae and Mark’s kids, Jay and Jonah, enjoy surfing.

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Mark Occhilupo Ex Beatrice Ballardie

Beatrice and Mark divorced in 2001 after being wed. Beatrice passed away following their divorce after spending five months in a coma.

After a car she was riding in rolled in the Northern Territory close to Tennant Creek, she was taken to the hospital and has been there ever since.

In the Byron Bay Arts and Industrial Area, she worked as an interior designer and had her own Company, Beatrice Occhilupo Imports, and Interior Design.

She was primarily recognized in the larger community as the ex-wife of Mark Occhilupo, a world champion surfer.

At 33, Mr. Occhilupo won the world surfing championship, being the oldest man to do so. He dedicated the victory to Beatrice.

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 Mark Occhilupo family

Carlo and Connie Occhilupo, who immigrated from Italy, are the parents of Mark Occhilupo. He grew up in the coastal Sydney district of Cronulla with his two brothers and one sister.

Carlo Occhilupo, who coached and supported his son during his early years of competition, significantly impacted Occhilupo’s early surfing career.

Carlo tragically went away in 1996, and the grief significantly impacted Occhilupo’s life and career.

Mark Occhilupo Wife
Mark Occhilupo with Jay Occhilupo (Source: Foxsports)

Occhilupo’s family has remained a crucial source of support for him throughout his life despite this tragedy. He has made public statements about the value of family and community in his battle against addiction and mental health issues.

Jay, his son, enjoys surfing in addition to his parents. Jay joins a star roster that includes Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, and Dad as one of the youngest surfers to acquire a sponsorship deal from the venerable Company.

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