Malcolm Jenkins Tattoo

Malcolm Jenkins Tattoo is gaining significant notice as he boasts a full sleeve tattoo on his left arm.

With Super Bowl LVII just on the horizon, fans eagerly look forward to seeing the clash of NFL powerhouses Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. They can’t help but wait to see who will win the Super Bowl 2023.

Both teams are set for the match with their fantastic players. When talking about the Eagles, fans most likely remember their former safety Malcolm Jenkins, who played for the Eagles from 2014 to 2019.

Though the sportsman has already retired, his impact on the field and NFA as a whole can never be forgotten. People are constantly searching for Malcolm’s sports legacy and his personal details.

Speaking of which, there has been frequent searches regarding Malcolm Jenkins’ tattoos on the Internet. While footballers are known to get tatted, Jenkins’ tattoos are unique and carry a significant meaning.

So, why not let’s look at some of his tattoos and their meanings.

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Malcolm Jenkins Tattoo – Their Meaning And Design

As already mentioned, the former NFL player has a full-sleeve tattoo and other small tattoos on both of his arms. Among them, the large tattoo on his biceps is quite noticeable.

What’s more, it’s not a tattoo but rather a brand. Yes, people, Jenkins voluntarily branded his arm during his college years at Ohio State. It calls it a mark of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, which he was part of.

Talking about the brand, Malcolm said, “It’s a brand, really. It hurt for about four seconds, and then the nerves were burned off.” He also added that he couldn’t feel it after the whole process.

The sportsman proudly shows off his bicep tattoo (brand) and has also talked about it in his interviews.

Similarly, Malcolm Jenkins’ tattoos are not quite visible; hence, it’s hard to decipher their design and meanings. A closer look at his photographs shows him having some verses, an image of what looks like an angel, and others tatted on his arms.

Malcolm Jenkins Tattoo: Image Of Malcolm (Source: Instagram)

Also, he has the greek symbol omega tatted on his chest with the number 2 at the center. Besides these, much is yet to be revealed about his tattoos.

Malcolm Jenkins Family Explored

Talking about his love life, Jenkins was previously married to beautiful Morissa Jenkins. She is an expert on providing hospitality in the South.

Morissa moved to Philadelphia with her then-husband Malcolm, and the couple settled there for a few years. It was a significant departure for her because she was raised in Mississippi and spent a lot of time in New Orleans.

The former lovebirds married in 2011. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in January 2022, and both have already moved on.

Malcolm Jenkins With His Daughters (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the former couple is proud parents of two daughters, Elle Jenkins and Selah Noah Jenkins. The girls have stayed away from the media but are frequently featured on their dad’s Instagram accounts.

Malcolm Jenkins Was A Legend In NFL

Malcolm was a legendary figure in the NFL who actively played in the league for thirteen years. After being drafted in 2009, he went on to play for New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles.

The athlete led the Saints to win Super Bowl XLIV in the 2010 season. Likewise, he led the Eagles to win their first Super Bowl title since 1960 in Super Bowl LII. The same team is now looking to add another Super Bowl trophy by defeating the Chiefs on February 13, 2023.

During his career, Jenkins was named to Second-Team All-Pro, went to Pro Bowl three times, and earned a Jim Thorpe Award. He was and is an inspiration for many NFL players, and his legacy continues to be memorable.

All in all, Malcolm Jensen was a renowned player who devoted more than a decade of his life to the NFL. He is now enjoying his retirement and spends quality time with his daughters.

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