Luke Shaw Weight Loss

Many are curious about Luke Shaw Weight Loss journey, as he was body shamed for having a bigger build.

There is no job in the world that is easier. And public figures like athletes, actors, politicians, singers, etc., have their challenges. But, one of the most common issues renowned personalities face is weight-related.

The public often follows celebs’ weight loss and gain. Not just that, they are constantly body shamed by netizens and people. Athletes have it worse, as their physical weight is integral to their performance.

When talking about the said topic, Luke Shaw’s weight loss has garnered quite attention. He was previously fat-shamed by people, but the matter has no credibility.

First, Luke has always been in great shape. Secondly, he follows a strict fitness routine and diet intake that prevents him from gaining excessive weight.

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Luke Shaw Weight Loss – Before And After Photos

It’s no fun when you are criticized about one thing that you have worked hard to maintain. Well, in Luke’s case, his hard-earned ripped body. The topic of Luke being fat arose after the photo of his Ibiza getaway was released online in 2018.

In the picture, the sportsman was not looking fat per se; however, the photographer’s angle made it seem like he had a belly. It caused a stir online, and netizens heavily criticized Luke.

Luke Shaw Photographed In Ibiza (Source: The Sun)

But the incident motivated the Manchester United left-back to work harder on his fitness and get in his best shape. He has shared that he wanted to look ten times better than how he looked then.

Shaw’s hard work and sticking to his fitness regimen have led him to develop a chiseled body that many envies. He is no longer the fat person that everyone pointed fingers at. Instead, his ripped body challenges other fit athletes.

The footballer also doesn’t hesitate to slam the trolls about his weight. He is not afraid of negative criticisms, but more than that, he hopes there will not be much judgment about his physique at all.

Luke proudly admits he has a big build and is confident about his physique. He says,

People can say I’m fat, but I know my own body. I have worked really hard and not just for the critics.

I guess you’ve just got to take it because there is always going to be negative criticism and positive but both of them can make you stronger

Source: The Guardian

Luke Shaw’s positive attitude towards his body and weight is admirable.

Luke Shaw Fitness Routine And Diet

Regarding Luke Shaw’s diet, he once shared that he has a private chef. He includes carbs in his diet when he has upcoming matches. Afterward, he consumes protein to help his muscles recover more quickly.

While healthy foods are a must, Shaw knows eating healthily is not always possible. So, he doesn’t hesitate to add a chocolate bar or order a takeaway occasionally. But the thing here is he only does so after the game.

Luke Shaw Follows A Strict Diet And Workout Regime (Source: 90Min)

The footballer never eats unhealthy foods during the weekdays and when training for upcoming matches. Although the precise details of what he consumes regularly are not revealed, it can be seen that he follows a strict diet and never slacks off.

Talking about Luke Shaw’s rigorous fitness regime, he trains for games and to maintain his weight. His workout includes sprints, weightlifting, endurance training, cardio, strength training, and working on balance.

Combining his fitness routine and dietary intake, we have Luke Shaw’s glowing look that is fit and healthy.

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