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Having recently led his team to win the Super Bowl trophy, fans have now turned their attention to footballer Leo Chenal Tattoo, as he has one striking artwork on his right arm.

This February 12 Valentine’s Day arrived early for Kansas City Chiefs players as they clinched the Super Bowl LVII trophy. It marked QB Patrick Mahomes’ second win and head coach Andy Reid’s third victory with the franchise.

The Chiefs beat Eagles 38-35, with their winning goal decided by a defensive holding call that allowed them to run down the clock prior to the match-winning field goal. It also caused a massive stir in social media as many players and viewers criticized the call.

While Patrick Mahomes was named MVP, having put up with the game while battling an ankle injury, other players also gave their 100%. Speaking of which, the Chiefs’ linebacker Leo Chenal concluded his first NFL season holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The young gun was drafted in the third round of the 2022 NFL draft and was one of the best linebackers during his college football years. He didn’t disappoint after entering the league, as he has recorded thirty-five tackles and one sack in his first season.

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Leo Chenal Tattoo – Their Design And Meaning

Leo has had an exciting NFL season so far, having been named Super Bowl LVII champion. His excellent playing skills and constant drive for improvement have made him a fan favorite.

While his playing prowess is extraordinary, fans can’t help but notice the word DEATHROW on Chenal’s right arm. They are written in big letters and almost cover his entire right forearm.

Many might assume that it is Leo Chenal’s tattoo. However, that’s not the case; it’s not a permanent tattoo. Instead, it is written with a Sharpie marker and fades away after a while.

Leo Chenal doesn’t have a visible tattoo (Source: Instagram)

For the sportsman, the words DEATHROW is a motto that has shaped his mindset regarding the game and football career as a whole.

As per him, “It’s been here much longer than me. “It’s through the generations of linebackers here at Wisconsin.

It’s called Death Row, but we don’t mean actual Death Row. It just means grit; it means hard work; it means blowing people up. So you’ve got to earn it.”

For those who don’t know, Chenal attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and played for the college team until his junior year. He decided to forgo his senior year and entered the NFL Draft.

Though his college days are long behind, Leo is constantly carrying on the motto of DEATHROW even today. He is hardworking and is even called an “absolute monster” by his former opponents.

The Chiefs linebacker has no tattoos or done any body art as of now. Who knows, we might get to see him getting more tatted in the future, as it’s not uncommon for footballers to be heavily tatted.

Leo Chenal Became The Super Bowl 2023 Champion

When you have strong determination and passion for winning, no one can stop you from doing so. So was the case for the Kansas City Chiefs, who have been showing outstanding performances throughout the 2022 season.

The Chiefs beat Jacksonville Jaguars and Cincinnati Bengals to advance to the Super Bowl. The team faced Philadelphia Eagles in the main card, which boasted talented players like Jalen Hurts and others.

Thanks to their fantastic teamwork, the Chiefs emerged as the Super Bowl LVII champ. Their victory wasn’t due to one player but is credited to the whole team’s effort.

Image Of Leo Chenal (Source: Instagram)

Leo gave his best in the match and got to hold Vince Lombardi Trophy in his first season. Things couldn’t get any better, and Chenal’s future seems bright in the sports sector.

Hopefully, we will continue to see the emerging footballer shine in the NFL in the coming days. Our best wishes go to him.

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