Kevin Pollock Net Worth

Kevin Pollock net worth and salary must be decent based on his career. How much does referee Pollock earn annually?

Kevin Pollock is a referee and linesman in the National Hockey League, born on the 7th of February, 1970.

The expert referee’s birthplace was in Kincardine, Canada, and he served in the National Hockey League as an official from the 1999-2000 season.

The NHL referee wears a 33-numbered uniform while officiating the game in the league.

Kevin also became an on-ice official in the men’s ice hockey tournament in the Winter Olympics 2014.

The highly experienced referee is admired and respected in the NHL for his fair and quick decisions in the ice hockey game.

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Kevin Pollock Net Worth And Salary

The estimated net worth of referee Kevin Pollock is around $5- $10 million. 

NHL, Senior referees earn upto $430,000 annually, while first-year NHL refs earn about $200,000. At the same time, senior linesmen make up to $228,000 annually.

There needs to be factual information about the net worth of Kevin Pollock, the famous referee in the NHL, but his estimated salary is around $500,000.

Kevin has worked in the National Hockey League for over 20 years, and it is sure that he has gathered some significant capital in his net worth, which still needs to be revealed.

Kevin Pollock Net Worth
The NHL referee, Kevin Pollock, is chatting with the Florida Panthers goaltender during the game. (Source: Getty)

However, the officials are given a salary for officiating each game according to the agreement between the association and the referee.

The salary amount of the NHL referee can also differ according to the levels of competition, expertise, and region he officiates in.

Also, being a High-profile, experienced referee, we can assume that Kevin’s demand to officiate in the league is more than the other referees in the National Hockey League.

Apart from the referee’s primary source of income from the game, he may have some other income sources like investments, sponsorships, and brand endorsement deals.

Therefore, we can assume that Kevin has earned enough wealth in his career and still may add more numbers as he has yet to retire from his official career.

kevin pollock career journey

Kevin Pollock began his career as a junior player in ice hockey game. After that, he took a turn and changed from a player to a game official.

Firstly, Kevin started his referee career in the Ontario Hockey Association. It was easy for him to get on track with his career as his granduncle was the president of OHA.

Kevin Pollock career
Boston Bruins captioned, “Congratulations to NHL referee Kevin Pollock on his 1,500th regular-season game tonight!” (Source: Twitter) 

Then after gaining some experience from OHA, the referee started working in NHL in 1999.

As an NHL referee, In 2015, Pollock was chosen to become a member of the official in the men’s ice hockey tournament in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Further, the prominent referee officiated in the six matches of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2017.

In 2020, the experienced and recognized referee officially announced his leave from refereeing in the NHL.

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Kevin pollock Parents

The NHL referee, Kevin Pollock, was born to his father, Clarke and Helen Pollock.

Kevin’s father, Clarke was a renowned official officiating for 20 years in OHA. He learned the basics of officiating by watching his father.

The details of the mother of the NHL referee are currently unavailable. Still, his mother’s advice to jump-start a career made him a renowned official, and he is very thankful to his mother for her support.

The referee’s father allowed Kevin to officiate the men’s senior game along with some senior linesmen when he was just 16 years old.

Both the father and son duo were terrific with their officiating skills. They were respected in the hockey league so much that the Pollock Division in the Provincial Junior Hockey League was named after them.

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