Keli Leaupepe

Keli is a young talented professional basketball player from Australia. He currently plays for Loyola Marymount Lions as a power forward. Let’s know Keli Leaupepe Age.

Leaupepe is a talented basketball player eligible for the NBA draft in 2024. The skilled basketball player was born on Jun 4, 2000, in Melbourne, Australia.

Keli plays for the Loyola Marymount team, and his current NBA status is Draft egible in 2024.

Furthermore, Baugh basketball journey has been an enormous success in his life, and he was also motivated by his parents and other relatives.

Similarly, he is famous worldwide for his outstanding skills as a forward player and for his jersey number 34.

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Keli Leaupepe Age Revealed

As mentioned above, born on Jun 4, 2000, Keli is now 22 years old and has learned different skills at an early age.

The professional basketball player has been eagerly interested in basketball since childhood and pursued his childhood dream at a very young age.

Keli Leaupepe Age is 22 and is Power Forward Loyola Marymount
Keli Leaupepe is a Power Forward playing for Loyola Marymount. (Source: Los Angeles Loyolan)

Likewise, at this same age, he has played five matches, beating five teams, and settled a record of his perfect scores and shootouts.

Furthermore, Leaupepe has many upcoming games in the coming days and might put on a new record at 20.

Loyola Marymount Keli Leaupepe Wiki

Power Forward Keli was born in Melbourne, Australia and attended Box Hill High School in Victoria, which is also located in Australia.

Diving into his early life, he was raised by his supportive and caring parents and had no financial problems.

Talking about his love life, he seems to be single till now, and indeed he might have a loving and caring partner in the future.

Keli Leaupepe
Keli Leaupepe is having fun in Rome, Italy. (Source: Instagram)

As of February 2024, the forward has 13.8 points per game, the highest point in a game is 29, free throws made 80, and the three-pointers are 40.

Keli has 6.8 rebounds per game, 47.1% field goal, 60.3% shooting percentage, 1.2 assists per game, 0.2 blocks per game, 2.8 personal fouls per game, and a usage rate of 20.5%.

His net worth is unknown as there is no information about it, but we can assume his net worth will skyrocket in a couple of years as he is a promising young basketball player.

Leaupepe Height And Parents Revealed

Keli is a young basketball player playing for Loyola Marymount Lions. He has a height of 6 feet 6 inches and weighs 240 lbs.

There is no surprise he is very tall as he is a basketball player. Most of the basketball players are tall.

Talking about parents, the power forward grew up as Melbourne, Australia, native and grew up in a single-parent household. From an early age, he showed interest in playing basketball, allowing him to visit different countries.

Single-parent households are comprised of a parent/caregiver and one or more dependent children without the presence or support of an adult partner.

In other words, he was cared for and looked after by one parent, i.e., his mother or Father. It is widespread to be the child of one parent nowadays.

Other information about his parents is unknown, as Keli does not want to share any information about his family and personal life.

He is yet to tell and provide information about his parents and how his mother/father helped him through the up and downs of his basketball career.

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