Katie Lou Samuelson Parents, Jon Samuelson and Karen Samuelson is a significant contributor to her passion for basketball. 

Katie Lou is a member of the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks, where she exhibits impressive court prowess.

Her parents’ devotion to basketball and the encouragement they provided to her.

Her sisters contributed to her professional success, and their impact can be seen in her passion for the sport.

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Katie Lou Samuelson Parents: Jon and Karen Samuelson

Katie Lou’s parents shaped her love of basketball and refined her skills, resulting in her success in the WNBA.

Her father, Jon Samuelson, played basketball professionally in Europe and at Cal State Fullerton. Her mother, Karen excelled in netball and even made the All-England team.

Both of her parents, Jon and Karen, had great athletic careers.

Katie Lou Samuelson Parents
Katie Lou Samuelson with her mother during her childhood days (Source: Instagram)

Jon frequently played two-on-two games with Katie Lou and her elder sisters while driving the girls to and from practices across the county.

Her mother’s success in netball and her father’s professional basketball experience must have inspired Katie Lou and her sisters.

Katie Lou Samuelson Siblings

Regarding Katie Lou Samuelson’s siblings, she has two older sisters, Bonnie and Karlie. Her sisters are both accomplished basketball players.

Bonnie is a Stanford basketball player currently pursuing an optometry degree, and Karlie is a former WNBA player for the Dallas Wings and Los Angeles Sparks.

The Samuelson sisters practiced shooting hundreds of shots each day while competing in basketball games in their driveway with the guidance of their father.

Katie Lou Samuelson sisters
Katie Lou Samuelson with her sisters Bonnie and Karlie (Source: Instagram)

Katie Lou and Jon competed against Bonnie and Karlie in a two-on-two game. The Samuelson siblings are all devout Christians.

Initially shy, Katie Lou would place Karlie’s orders at restaurants.

Bonnie still enjoys watching her younger sisters play basketball despite having to stop playing due to knee problems.

Since then, Karlie has improved and become one of college basketball’s best 3-point shooters.

Katie Lou Samuelson Husband

Katie Lou Samuelson is not yet married, but she is in a relationship with her soon-to-be husband, Devin Cannady. Devin Cannady is a fellow basketball player.

The couple astonished their followers by announcing their engagement in February 2022 and their pregnancy in February 2023.

The new addition to their family, due in August 2023, was the subject of a picture that Katie and Devin shared on Instagram while holding an ultrasound.

Katie Lou Samuelson with Devin Cannady
Katie Lou Samuelson with Devin Cannady (Source: Instagram)

Katie hasn’t specifically stated when they started dating, but she routinely uploads pictures of them on her Instagram account, where they both appear content and loyal to one another.

The admirers of Katie and Devin have been captivated by their wonderful love tale.

Their love for one another is evident from the frequent kissing and snuggling photos Katie posts on her Instagram account.

Katie and Devin are a great match because of their mutual love of basketball and dedication to one another.

Every post from the couple shows how much they care for one another and how eager they are to begin a life together while waiting for their child’s birth.

Katie Lou Samuelson Salary

Katie Lou Samuelson has amassed a sizeable salary.

Katie, who is only 25 years old, makes $144,000 every season, which means that as of 2023, her active roster cap hit will be $424,399.

Due to her achievements in the sport, her estimated net worth is said to be approximately $1.5 million.

Katie Lou Samuelson
Katie Lou Samuelson (Source: Instagram)

The salaries earned by Katie while playing for various WNBA teams, including the Chicago Sky, Dallas Wings, CB Avenida, and Seattle Storm, are still being examined.

Katie has developed a reputation as a significant asset for numerous businesses and brands.

In addition to her basketball career, she earns multiple lucrative collaborations and endorsements.

Her sponsors include businesses like Puma and Neutrogena, which give her cash rewards and high-quality goods.

Due to her diligence and commitment to her career, Katie Samuelson has made it a great fortune.

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