John Carlson Brother

While he is a renowned ice hockey defenseman, many are curious about John Carlson Brother, Andrew Carlson, and what he is up to.

When talking about ice hockey, primarily Canadian players will often appear in people’s minds. However, some worldwide athletes have and are pursuing careers in the ice hockey field.

Speaking of American pro hockey athletes, we can’t miss Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson, who has been active since 2008. The man has set a high bar for every aspiring American ice hockey player.

These days, John has been making headlines for his most anticipated return following his fatal skull injury. The Capitals have long faced his loss, and the club is eager to get their talented player back.

Another thing people are interested in learning is John Carlson’s family, including his brother. Many are curious whether his elder sibling, Andrew, is also into ice hockey.

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Meet John Carlson Brother And Their Parents – Family Details

Everyone has their backstory to tell. Likewise, the ice hockey defenseman’s story begins with his parents getting split. John Carlson’s parents divorced when he was four years old.

However, the separation never stopped John’s parents, Richard Carlson and Angela Dalle-Molle, from co-parenting him and his elder sibling. Speaking of John Carlson’s brother, Andrew, is two years senior to him, making him born in the late 1980s.

John and Andrew grew up competing and playing together. Both were super competitive and even played high school ice hockey together for a season. Reminiscing his childhood memories, the sportsman expresses his gratitude to his brother for always being there for him.

Unfortunately, Andrew enjoys privacy and has stayed away from the limelight. Hence, it is not known what he is involved in. However, John Carlson’s elder brother seems to have not pursued a sports career.

John Carlson On The Ring (Source: Audacy)

John Carlson’s father, Dick Carlson, is another person who is credited for his interest in ice hockey. The latter often took him to and from ice hockey games and tournaments and was like a mentor to him.

The senior Carlson is proud of his son and gets emotional talking about his journey till now. Similarly, John is thankful to his dad and once said,

My father, he coached me for a couple of years and was always that coach-ish figure for me growing up.

Source: RMNB

Similarly, John Carlson’s mom supports and cheers for his success. Despite growing up in a not-so-hockey town, she is amazed at how he has come so far in his career.

John Carlson Injury Update

As mentioned earlier, the Capitals defenseman suffered a terrifying injury a few months back. A puck struck him on his head’s right side, after which he was immediately taken to hospital, leaving a blood trail behind on the ring.

The athlete sustained a fractured skull and a lacerated temporal artery. Many coaches and athletes called the ordeal the scariest injury one can ever face.

Let’s not mention the recovery and rehabilitation period, the injured player’s family is on edge and scared after such an incident. John shares how it was challenging for him to make a phone call to his spouse and son.

Image Of John Carlson (Source: NHL Site)

Thankfully, Carlson will soon return to the ice after three months of recovery. He is excited about returning and competing, and fans can’t wait to see him skating on the ice.

Ice Hockey is a savage game, yet many athletes are eager to make a name for themselves in the sector. John Carlson is one of many who aspires to continue the ice hockey legacy.

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