Joe Pavelski Wife

Joe Pavelski wife, Sarah has been his long-term companion. Dallas Star’s captain Joe and his wife, Sarah, have been married for 13 years.

Despite a few ups and downs, they have been well-known for their romantic relationships for years. Now, they are about to celebrate the Silver-Jublee of their relationship.

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Dallas Stars Joe Pavelski Wife Sarah Pavelski

During the early 2000s, Joe Pavelski and his wife, Sarah, crossed paths while he was playing for the Waterloo Black Hawks as a junior hockey player in Iowa.

Cheerleader Sarah and Star player Joe attended the same University of Wisconsin college.

Joe Pavelski Wife
Joe Pavelski with his wife and son. (source: Fearthefin)

Sarah has been tight-lipped about her profession. She is mostly known as the partner of a Dallas Star Captain.

Joe Pavelski and Sarah Pavelski relationship timeline

After spending time with each other, Sarah and Joe Pavelski started dating and began a romantic relationship. Sarah would attend Joe’s every match since he played for the junior team.

Their relationship was open and well-known to the public. Eventually, In 2008, after winning the match in a tournament, Joe proposed to Sarah during the post-match presentation.

Getting proposed in such a fashion would be the dream of every woman. They engaged in July 2008.

Soon after their engagement, they did not lose time and tied the knot together. They officially married on 12 July 2008 in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family.

Sarah’s first son Nathan Joseph Pavelski, also popular as Nate, breathed his first breath on 26 October 2010, two years after Sarah and Joe’s marriage.

Joe Pavelski Wife
Joe Pavelski with his family and pets. (source: Instagram)

Based on some sources, twin daughters named Emily and Addison were also born to the couple. However, the information is unreliable, and there is no evidence to verify such rumors.

During the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs, soon after the game-winning goal in extra time by Joe Pavelski, he looked up and blew a kiss to his wife Sarah and his children. The scenes of him celebrating that way became iconic in NHL history.

Joe and Sarah Pavelski’s relationship proves the strength of love, dedication, and support.

They first met while attending college, and since then, they have experienced many highs and lows together, from Joe’s hockey career to the rewards and difficulties of fatherhood.

They have remained loyal to one another and their family throughout it all, and their love story continues to motivate admirers on and off the ice.

Joe Pavelski Son Nathan Joseph Pavelski

13 yeared old champ, Nathan Joseph, enjoys playing mini hockey in their house and has acquired his father’s passion for the game.

Joe enjoys spending time with his son so much that he has released videos of Nathan playing on the ice during Dallas Stars training.

In addition to being a star athlete for Dallas star, Joe is also a caring father and loving husband.

Joe Pavelski shares many pictures with his son and wife through his official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Joe Pavelski Wife
Joe Pavelski with hsi Son. (source: Theathletic)

He does not give any chance to his wife, Sarah Pavelski, and his son, Nathan, complaining about not providing time for his family. Most of the time, they travel, fish, and hike around the hills on holidays.

Even in their home, Joe is mainly seen enjoying, laughing, and playing with his son. They are living a happy life.

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