Jessica Andrade Lesbian

A renowned name in the MMA scene, Jessica Andrade Lesbian sexual orientation has never been a hidden fact; instead, she proudly talks about her sexuality and is one of the few openly homosexual fighters.

Jessica’s MMA journey has been splendid so far. Having made her debut in 2011, she has trained under many renowned coaches and fought in many popular fighting promotions.

The lady fighter has been competing in the UFC since 2013 and ranks among the top Flyweight division competitors. She has ranked as high as world number three in the division.

But more than her incredible fighting prowess is Andrade’s acceptance of who she is. It’s challenging to come out in today’s judgmental society, and when one is competing in the renowned UFC promotion, it’s even more difficult to take that step.

Contrary to assumptions, Jessica has never had any trouble being open about her sexuality and sexual preference. Hence, she has become a role model not just in the fighting business but also in the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Jessica Andrade Lesbian – Is Married To Fernanda Gomes

It’s not known when the UFC star first came out; however, she has mentioned time and again that she has always known about her sexual identity.

In her own words, “I’ve always made it very clear that I’m a homosexual. I like women.” Jessica’s bold statement shows how much pride she takes in her sexual orientation.

Likewise, people have many misconceptions about a lesbian fighter in the ring. Once during Jessica’s match against Liz Carmouche, some commentated that they didn’t care to see “lesbian behavior” and rather see a real fight.

Against those disgusting comments, the sportswoman remarks she never cared about what people think about her and that liking women has never affected her performance.

Andrade said, “Our behavior isn’t defined by our sexuality. Being attracted to the same gender doesn’t really make us different.”

Jessica Andrade Posing (Source: Instagram)

The fighter is also in a loving marital relationship with her partner Fernanda Gomes. The pair were in a long-term relationship before turning it into a marriage in 2019.

Before that, Jessica proposed to her now-spouse in the ring. It was also UFC’s first-ever in-ring proposal. It must have been quite a heart-touching moment for the lovebirds.

Speaking of Jessica Andrade’s wife, Gomes is a professional biologist who is also into Jiu-Jitsu and BJJ. She often spars with her partner in the gym.

The couple looks adorable and is among the power pairs in the UFC. Also, both are yet to welcome any kids, but, who knows, they might be planning.

Jessica Andrade Is Highlighting UFC Vegas 69

Long behind are those days when men highlighted a fighting event. Now, women fighters are showing they are equally capable of achieving as much as their counterparts, if not more, in the ring.

Jessica Andrade is a fantastic fighter who has delivered jaw-dropping performances from time to time. She is fast, strong, and agile inside the ring, making her a formidable opponent.

Andrade’s hard work has seen her become the fighter of the night several times. And this time, she is the main card of UFC Vegas 69, occurring on February 18, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The athlete will be facing Erin Blanchfield, a former Eddie Bravo Invitational champ. The latter was initially scheduled to bout against Talia Santos. But it was canceled, and Jessica received the offer to fight against Erin.

Jessica Andrade Is The Main Card In UFC Vegas 69 (Source: Instagram)

Andrade is said to be an experienced fighter, having a decade-long fighting experience under her belt. On the contrary, Erin is relatively new in the MMA scene. So, it will be fun to see who between the women will emerge as a victor.

Also, talking about the price money of the event, the exact amount has not been revealed. However, Jessica previously cashed $200,000 at UFC 283. So, it’s likely that she will take home a considerable amount.

Nevertheless, fans can’t wait to see the epic UFC battle between Jessica and Erin. If you are one of them, then stay tuned for UFC Vegas 69.

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