Jeff Skinner Brother

Jeff Skinner brother Benjamin Skinner and parents have been his supporter throughout his career. Currently, Skinner competes for the Buffalo Sabres.

The Carolina Hurricanes picked Skinner with the seventh overall pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

In exchange for picks and prospects, he was later dealt to the Buffalo Sabres in 2018. The two players, who are both well-known, are both Canadian natives. Jeff was born on May 16, 1992.

Cliff Pu was acquired from the Buffalo Sabres along with a second-round pick in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft, a third-round pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, and a sixth-round pick in the same draft. Jeff was sent to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for a sixth-round pick in the same draft.

In November of last year, Jeff became only the second athlete in Sabres history to record 20 goals before the month of December.

By doing so, he became the sixth player in the history of the league to score at least 20 goals in less than 27 games. On April 6, the last game of the season, he finished the year with a total of 40 goals after tallying two goals against the Detroit Red Wings.

He was formerly a member of the Carolina Hurricanes team in the National Hockey League (NHL). He earned his first level in his career with the NHL as a result of his assistance with Tuomo Ruutu’s goal.

Buffalo Sabres Jeff Skinner Brother Benjamin Skinner

The couple Elisabeth Campin and Andrew Skinner gave birth to Jeff along with his five siblings, five of whom played hockey, and are all fans of the game. Together with Jeff Skinner brothers Jillian and Benjamin, he has three sisters named Jennifer, Andrea, and Erica.

He has two brothers, the youngest of whom, Benjamin, spent his junior hockey playing career as a member of the Kitchener Rangers. He currently works for the German company Herforder EV as a staff member.

Jeff Skinner Brother
Jeff Skinner playing ping pong (Source: Instagram)

When they were little, their father built a skating rink for them in the yard of the family home so that they could enjoy spending time there during the winter months.

Benjamin, previously played with the Kitchener Rangers but is currently a member of the Herforder EV in Germany. Both their mothers and fathers are practicing attorneys, and they have always encouraged and influenced their children to follow their passions.

Jeff Skinner brother and sister have always supported him in his hockey career and have been instrumental in keeping him grounded as he stated in interviews.

Buffalo Sabres Jeff Skinner Sister

Jeff Skinner’s oldest sister and the eldest child of the Skinner family is Andrea Skinner. She worked with Hockey Canada for almost two years as a director and as the temporary chair of the board of administrators and now is currently being covered by a number of media outlets as a result of her breakup with the group.

She holds the record for being the youngest person ever to serve on the Hockey Canada Board of Administrators. She formerly held the position of head coach for Cornell College’s women’s ice hockey team.

Jeff Skinner Brother
Jeff Skinner Sister Andrea Skinner (Source: CBC)

According to Andrea, hockey was much more than just a sport in the family; it had evolved into a significant aspect of history, and the practices acted as social occasions.

She feels that hockey has taught her on a variety of levels and has shaped who she is from the time she was a youngster. Also, because of the resilience she acquired, she was able to overcome difficulties, hurdles, and mishaps.

The hockey game has been quite advantageous for the Skinner household. After their older sister, Andrea’s sisters Jennifer and Jillian also participated in the NCAA competition.

In a similar spirit, Ben and Erica both played college hockey in Canada. The youngest child and last child is Jillian, who lives in the Skinner family.

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