Jalen Rose Weight Loss

Jalen Rose Weight loss Journey has been wonderful as he seems to be focusing on his physical appearance. Jalen seems slim and fit.

Jalen Rose is an American retired professional basketball player who played in the NBA for 13 seasons.

He used to play as a small forward/ Point guard for his team, the Indians and Pacers. His playing career started back in 1994 and he retired in 2007.

Since then, he has been a sports analyst, commentator, and well-known television personality, working for ESPN, ABC, and NBA TV.

He played along the side of Reggie Miller with his team that made three consecutive Eastern Conference finals and reached the 2000 NBA finals.

Jalen is also the founder of the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, wrote the New York Times best-seller “Got to Give the People What They Want” and produced the ESPN documentary The Fab Five.

He was born to his father Jimmy Walker, a No.1 Overall draft pick in the NBA, and his mother, Jeanne.

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ESPN Jalen Rose weight loss journey

Jalen Rose weight loss journey has piqued his fans interest and they are interested to learn about his diet and workout plan.

Queen Afua, aka Helen Robinson, has greatly helped Jalen Rose with his weight loss journey as she is a Holistic Health Expert and a wellness coach.

 Jalen Rose Weight Loss
Jalen Rose’s drastic change in his physique after consulting with Queen Afua (Source:nypost)

She helped Jalen by teaching him how to understand and how to utilize the power of food, self-care, and holistic health choices.

After consulting with Queen Afua, He has decided to change his eating habits and started taking his health seriously.

Holistic health is Africa’s natural lifestyle. It is not a new age or just showed up. It’s been there from the beginning of time.

As he is in his 50s, involving himself in different good health choices can be very beneficial.

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Jalen rose before and after photos

Jalen Rose seemed a little chubby when he joined ABC Variety Series. At the time, he was not careful with his diet as he is now and was at his heaviest.

Before, when Jalen used to play for his team, he was committed to fitness and fit, which helped him become one of the best basketball players.

Jalen Rose Weight Loss
Jalen Rose drastic changes- before and after photos.

This picture was taken before and after he met Queen Afua, and the progress can be seen thoroughly.

He loves his new physique and feels confident more than ever.

Jalen Rose Diet And Workout Plan

Most celebrities and television personalities are fitness conscious and undergo some measures to maintain themself fit.

Meanwhile, few others can maintain their health just by following a few diets and by calculating macros.

The veteran basketball player also trains his body and has adopted a fitness plan that fits his body.

Some of his go-to exercises is squats, pull-ups, push-ups,etc, mostly using his own body weight.

Likewise, Jalen understands the importance of rest and the power of sleep. So he often takes cold showers and ice baths to recover his muscles and joints.

Similarly, His diet includes green vegetables, protein according to his body’s needs and other healthy foods.

Looking at his healthy diet and workout plan, he has now been successful in his weight loss journey.

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