Jake Oettinger Parents Origin from Minnesota, Upper Midwestern region of the USA. Their elder child serves as the goaltender for the Dallas Stars.

At the age of 9, he began his career as a goalie with the support of his father, and for the next three years, he alternated between playing as a goalie and a defenseman.

When he joined Lakeville North High School, Oettinger was a freshman and also participated in the USA Hockey National Team Development Program for the 2014-15 season. 

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Dallas Stars Jake Oettinger Parents Origin

Jake Oettinger was born in 1998 to parents Chris and Kelly Oettinger and was raised in Lakeville, the largest city in Dakota County, Minnesota.

Kelly Oettinger has a Twitter account under the username @kcoettinger. She regularly posts updates and shares information about her son’s activities and accomplishments on the platform.

Jake’s family, including his parents and two younger siblings, still reside in Minnesota.

Jake Oettinger with his family (source:Instagram)

As Jake Oettinger made an impact in the net as a rookie, his family watched with concern and pride, including parents Chris and Kelly Oettinger.

During the game, Jake’s father often turned to his mother, confused about what was happening on the ice and amazed by his son’s performance.

When Jake Oettinger earned his first NHL start in a 7-3 victory for the Dallas Stars, his family, who were watching from their suite at the American Airlines Center (AAC), couldn’t contain their emotions and burst into tears of joy.

During the game where Jake Oettinger made 20 saves to help maintain the Dallas Stars’ perfect record, his father, Chris, had a surreal experience mixed with some fear.

At the time, Chris expressed that he was thrilled because the team had won and his son had played well. However, he confessed to being more anxious than Jake during the game.

Jake Oettinger Siblings

Growing up, Jake Oettinger had a great childhood with his two siblings.

His younger brother, Thomas, is currently nine, while his younger sister, Kendall, is eleven.

We predict an age gap of around 13 to 15 years between Jake and his siblings.

Jake’s younger brother has also started playing hockey and sometimes serves as a goalie.

Jake has noticed that some of the things his brother has learned are similar to his own experience.

Jake Oettinger Net Worth

In the 2022-23 season, Jake Oettinger’s total salary is $2,400,000. This includes a signing bonus of $1,000,000 and a base salary of $1,400,000.

However, his cap hit is $4,000,000, which is the average annual value of his contract.

jake oettinger
jake oettinger in dressing room (source:medadmbjmc)

Jake Oettinger is a popular American ice hockey player who was born on December 18, 1998.

He is currently under contract with the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League (NHL) and plays for their affiliate team, the Texas Stars, in the American Hockey League (AHL).

As a child, Jack developed a passion for playing hockey. At nine, Jake expressed his interest in becoming a goalie, and his father helped him start his career in that position.

During his younger years, Jake Oettinger played both defenseman and a goalie.

However, when he reached 12, he realized he was more skilled at playing as a goalie and decided to focus on that position. Consequently, he started wearing goalie pads while playing.

After attending his freshman year at Lakeville North High School, the six-foot-five Jake Oettinger was invited to join the USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program.

Jake says nothing is cooler than playing internationally and representing the United States in games against other countries.

Jake Oettinger has maintained a consistent routine since his early days as a goalie. When the whistle blows, he still levels his skate and wrinkles on one side, just as before.

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