Fans have been curious about Leonna Mayor partner for a while now as she rapidly grows in popularity among horse racing fans. 

Leonna Mayor is a former flat rider who has successfully transitioned to horse racing broadcasting.

She has worked as a presenter for several notable media outlets, including Sky Sports Racing, ITV Racing, and GG Horse Racing.

Leonna’s charismatic personality and attractive appearance have made her the label “the world’s sexiest jockey.”

Following her retirement from professional racing, Leonna Mayor’s talents as a presenter were recognized by Sky Sports, who hired her to cover horse racing events.

Her candid and outspoken nature has impressed audiences, as she does not shy away from expressing her opinions.

Additionally, Leonna has extended her broadcasting career by joining William Hill on radio and TV and becoming a regular contributor to At The Races.

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Who is Leonna Mayor Partner?

Fans have always been curious about the romantic life of Leonna Mayor, the ex-jockey and Sky Sports racing commentator.

In 2022, the British-born TV personality was spotted in the company of the mayor of Evora, Portugal. The pair were seen enjoying each other’s company while dining out and exploring the city, which has led to speculation that they might be dating.

Leonna Mayor
Leonna Mayor (Source: Instagram)

Leonna Mayor has never been married, and no information about her current relationship status is available.

Similarly, the mayor of Evora, Portugal, has never been married, and no information about his romantic life is available.

Although it is unclear how long they have been seeing each other or how serious their relationship is, they appear to be very happy together. Only time will reveal if their connection is genuine or not.

After concluding her career as a Flat jockey, Leonna Mayor ventured into the world of television broadcasting, joining Sky Sports as a presenter.

Her candid and outspoken personality has earned her admirers among viewers, as she fearlessly expresses her opinions on horse racing events.

Who Is Leonna Mayor Dating In 2023?

Leonna Mayor, the ITV Racing Presenter, has maintained a strict boundary between her personal and professional life.

Despite her growing popularity among fans, she has not shared any information about her romantic life on social media or public appearances, including shows and interviews.

Leonna has managed to keep her dating life and relationships away from the public eye, making it challenging for fans to speculate about her personal life.

She values her privacy and prefers to focus on her work as a racing commentator and presenter.

By keeping her personal life private, Leonna has avoided unnecessary scrutiny or speculation, allowing her to maintain her professional reputation as a talented and respected racing broadcaster.

Her approach to her personal life is a reminder that everyone is entitled to their privacy, and respecting boundaries regarding personal matters is essential.

Leonna Mayor Instagram

As of April 2023, Leonna Mayor’s social media following has grown to over 27,000 on Instagram and over 68,200 on Twitter.

While these numbers may be lower than some other social media influencers, it’s important to note that Leonna’s primary focus is her work as a racing presenter.

leonna Mayor
leonna Mayor showing her skin diseases(Source: Instagram)

She likely uses social media to connect with fans and promote her work rather than as a platform for personal branding or social media influencing.

On her social media accounts, Leonna shares update on her work as a racing commentator and presenter, as well as photos and videos from behind the scenes at various horse racing events.

According to recent reports, Leonna Mayor, a prominent figure in horse racing, shared an emotional post on Instagram in which she revealed that she is living with a skin condition that is rapidly worsening.

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