Patrick Mahomes Banned

Having previously led the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl trophy, QB Patrick Mahomes banned from Super Bowl is nothing but a hoax.

When one talks about the upcoming Super Bowl LVII, one can never forgo the key player Patrick Mahomes, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. The young gun has shown impressive performances since joining the league in 2017.

Following his dad’s footsteps in professional sports, Patrick was the Chiefs’ first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. And he didn’t disappoint the team, leading them to win the Super Bowl LIV in 2019. It was also the team’s first Super Bowl appearance in fifty years.

If Mahomes leads his team to win the Super Bowl trophy come February 13, he will become the first Black NFL quarterback to win multiple Lombardi trophies. Hence, a lot is at stake in the upcoming match, and fans eagerly await to see how the event will unfold.

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Is Patrick Mahomes Banned From Super Bowl – Rumors Debunked

No, Patrick Mahomes is not banned from Super Bowl 2023, and the said statement is nothing but a hoax. As a matter of fact, Mahomes is the most anticipated player in the upcoming match.

The athlete has been a fantastic player from the get-go. He was a tri-athlete and lettered in baseball, basketball, and football during his school years.

Having legendary former MLB player Pat Mahomes as his dad, it’s no wonder Patrick chose to pursue a sports career. Hence, after his junior year, he immediately entered the NFL Draft to broaden his horizon.

Patrick became the Chiefs’ starting quarterback in the 2018 season and has continued in the position to date. His best performance was in the 2019 season when he led the team to win Super Bowl LIV.

Patrick Mahomes Is Not Banned From Super Bowl (Source: Instagram)

Mahomes also earned Super Bowl MVP for his performance. He has since been named NFL passing yards leader, NFL Most Valuable Player, Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year, and more.

As Patrick is the Chiefs’ key player, there is no way he will be banned or even removed from Super Bowl 2023. But, inquiries about his ban are not new, as the NFL has a racist history and had previously banned Black players.

Now that we have debunked the sportsperson’s ban rumors, let’s talk about some things he is not allowed to do as the Kansas City Chiefs QB.

Well, for starters, the footballer is not allowed to play basketball. He is also forbidden from baseball and jet skiing as per his contract.

Patrick Mahomes Has Been Named NFL MVP

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP, following the Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl LIV. Well, the talented guy has another trophy to add to his collection, as he has recently been named 2022 NFL MVP.

Mahomes swept the voting by picking up forty-eight out of fifty first-place votes. Jalen Hurts and Josh Allen were other players nominated for the NFL MVP. Both received one vote each.

Now the question arises will Mahomes also win the Super Bowl this season? If he does, he will break the Super Bowl “curse,” as per which a player who has won the regular season MVP has not won a Super Bowl since 1999.

The last footballer to win both the MVP of the regular season and a Super Bowl was Kurt Warner of the 1999 St. Louis Rams. Many have tried but have not succeeded.

Image Of Patrick Mahomes (Source: Instagram)

Since Warner in 1999, nine MVPs have advanced to the Super Bowl. They have lost all nine of their championship games, including the regular-season MVPs from 2015 to 2017, three times in a row (Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady).

Having received a boost in the form of NFL MVP, fans can’t wait to see how Patrick Mahomes will play in Super Bowl LVII.

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