Nikola Jokic Muslim

Is Nikola Jokic Muslim Or Christian, Or Jewish? Nikola Jockic is a basketball player from Serbia.

Nikola Jokić is a Serbian professional basketball player who now plays for the National Basketball Association’s Denver Nuggets (NBA).

Jokić began his professional basketball career in Serbia with the team Mega Basket. He was drafted in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets and debuted with the team in 2015.

Jokic has since developed into one of the NBA’s most dominant players.

He is well-known for his exceptional passing ability, ability to score from inside and outside the paint, and great defensive abilities.

He has been chosen an All-Star five times and won the NBA Most Valuable Player award in 2021, which made him the first Serbian player to win it.

Furthermore, he is also an important player on the Serbian National Basketball team and helped them win a silver medal at the 2016 Olympics and a gold medal in the EuroBasket Championship in 2021.

Besides his career, Jokic is married to his longtime girlfriend, Natalija Macesic. The couple had their first child in September 2021.

Jokić developed a love for basketball early in his life while playing with his two older brothers.

Joki enjoyed horse racing as a child and raced as an amateur, something he still holds a passion for now.

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Is Nikola Jokic Muslim, Christian Or Jewish?

Fans have predicted Nikola Jokic’s religion; some guessed he is Muslim, while others say he is Christian or Jewish.

Nikola Jokic Muslim
Nikola Jokic (Source: Facebook)

However, he was born into an Orthodox Christianity family. So, he is likely to follow Christianity as his religion.

Serbia is predominantly an Orthodox-Christian country; many people and families from Serbia practice Christianity as their main religion.

Yet, because Joki has not made any public statements regarding his personal beliefs, it is impossible to tell if he practices Orthodoxy or any other religion.

Nikola Jokic parents and their ethnicity

Nikola’s father, Branislav Jokic, was an agricultural engineer.

Nikola’s mother, Rada Jokic, was a teacher before retiring. She is well-known for her constant support of her kids’ basketball talents and always shows up at their games.

Nikola Joki’s parents are of Serbian descent.

Nikola Jokic Muslim
Old photos of Nikola Jokic with his parents and brother

They are from Serbia’s Vojvodina area, which has a mixed population including Hungarian, Slovak, and other ethnic groups besides Serbs.

His parents mentioned that he always loved playing with the ball more than anything.

Quite the opposite, he did not love exercising in the gym and athletics, as he was bigger and tall in his teenage years.

In addition, his parents have always supported him in pursuing his career in basketball, which has now paid off well.

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Nikola Jokic siblings

Nikola Jokić has two older brothers, Strahinja and Nemanja Jokić.

Strahinja Jokic, the oldest brother, was also a professional basketball player who played as a power forward, and he played basketball in Europe.

The second oldest brother, Nemanja Jokic, played college basketball at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Some reports even say that Nikola Jokic’s older brother Nemanja is also a pro-MMA fighter.

Nikola has commented about his siblings’ effect on his basketball career and how they helped him develop his talents and become the player he is today.

The three brothers grew up playing basketball together and often competed against each other.

Despite his popularity and success, Joki has stayed close to his family and frequently spends time with them when he is not playing basketball.

He has also utilized his position to promote several charity activities in Serbia, such as providing monies to assist in constructing a school in his birthplace of Sombor.

According to his father, basketball was his love at first sight.

As a child, he watched his brothers play without moving or making a sound.

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