Francesca Cumani Pregnant

Many people are curious “Is Francesca Cumani pregnant” as she hasn’t been presenting at Cheltenham this year.

Francesca is not pregnant as of 2023 again because she just gave birth to a son back in December 2022.

First, to know about this we have to learn who she is and what she does.

Francesca Cumani is an Australian-Italian horse racing presenter, broadcaster, and journalist. She was born on May 22, 1983, in Rome, Italy.

She is the daughter of infamous Italian horse trainer Luca Cumani. Francesca grew up around horses and horse racing which led to her interest in the sport from a very young age.

Speaking about her career, Cuamani used to ride herself as an amateur jockey and received her amateur jockey license at the age of 18 and had four wins.

Later she began her media career as a presenter on CNN’s ‘Living Golf’ program. She then moved on to work for At The Races,

Where she presented coverage of horse racing events in the UK and Ireland.

She then joined Channel 4 Racing as a presenter around 2012 and continues to work there until the channel’s horse racing coverage ended in 2016.

Back in 2019, She got a five-year contract with Channel 10 for $1 Million.

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Who is Francesca Cumani dating or married to?

Francesca Cumani was married to Rob Archibald from 2014 to 2018.

Rob Archibald was a bloodstock agent and former jockey and they have a son together who they named Harry.

They probably met through their mutual connections in the horse racing industry.

Over time they developed a friendship and their shared love of horse racing is what brought them closer together.

However, they did not give any information on how they got divorced but it probably was because of internal conflicts, personal issues, and tensions.

Francesca Cumani Pregnant
Francesca Cumani with her newly born child Teddy (Source: Instagram)

But as for now, she has had her second child with another partner Max Johnson. In June 2022, She gave birth to a baby boy, Teddy George Johnson.

Although she hasn’t disclosed the information on if she is married to her new partner.

Also on her Instagram and other social media, she has only posted pictures of herself and hasn’t shared any of her personal affairs.

She has only made her professional life public and seems like she rather wants to keep her personal life private.

Francesca cumani parents

Francesca was born to her father Luca Cumani and her mother Sara Cumani

Sara Cumani is best known for coming first at Ladies Handicap Race with her Indian Ridge-trained horse, Kuster. Whereas,

Her father is a legendary horse trainer who trained over 40 Group One Winners during his career which includes two winners of the Epsom Derby.

Francesca Cumani Pregnant
Francesca Cumani with her father Luca Cumani (Source: The Times)

Francesca was raised among horses and horse racing, and her parents’ engagement in the sport influenced her career path immensely.

She has frequently stated in interviews that her parents’ love of horses and racing encouraged her to work in horse racing media and journalism.

Luca Cumani retired from horse training in 2018 following a successful four-decade career.

He is widely considered one of the finest horse trainers of his age, and his influence in the industry continues to inspire many.

Overall, Francesca is well-known for her deep knowledge of horse racing as well as her enthusiasm for the sport.

She has been praised for her insightful analysis and ability to communicate complicated racing topics to a wide range of audiences.

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