Harshal Patel Brother

Cricketer Harshal Patel Brother, Tapan Patel, is not on Instagram, and besides him, he has one elder sister.

Harshal Patel is an Indian International Cricketer who plays for the Indian Cricket Team born on November 23 1990 in Sanand, Gujarat, India.

He was a player for RCB in the Indian Premier League and Haryana in domestic cricket.

Moreover, Harshal started his international debut in 2021 against New Zealand.

Similarly, he made his one-day debut for Gujarat from 2009-2010.

Then, Patel was named in the group for the 2010 U-10 World Cup in New Zealand.

Among three players from that group, he received one of the IPL contracts with Mumbai Indians.

Later, Patel also got a contract with the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2012 Indian Premiere League.

Harshal Patel is the first Haryana player to catch the selectorial eyes with his performance and the first bowler to claim a 5-wicket haul against Mumbai Indians in IPL.

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Harshal Patel Brother: Tapan Patel

Cricketer Harshal Patel has one elder brother, Tapan Patel. There is no information on Tapel Patel.

Besides, according to Wiki, Tapan was the one who motivated and supported Hasrshal to stay in India for the sake of his cricket career.

Harshal Patel brother
Harshal Patel shared this photo with the caption ‘My ‘I don’t like cold’ face (Source: Instagram)

Hence, this shows how his elder brother Tapan helped him to achieve this achievement, which Harshal is getting right now.

They share a special bond, like friends. As a younger brother, he definitely gets love and attention from his brother even though he is a celebrity.

Being an elder brother, Tapan is always there to support his brother through thick and thin.

Tapan is on Instagram, but he is not so active in posting photos or playing with Instagram.

Harshal Patel Sister Shital Patel

Along with Tapan, Harshal Patel also has an elder sister, Shital Patel.

Harshal Patel has an Instagram account, and he is active there.

So, scrolling through his feed, we discovered that Shital Patel is no longer in this world. She died on April 17, 2022.

And when she died, he was not with her, so he wrote a long caption with her picture.

Harshal Patel Brother
Harshal Patel with sister Shital Patel (Source: Instagram)

Shital was the kindest and most joyful person in Patel’s family.

Moreover, she was the kind of girl who faced huge difficulties carrying a big smile on her face and was doing the same till her last breath.

Shital was a very supportive sister because when she was sick, she still wanted Harshal to return and focus on his game.

Consequently, which also shows that she is a very strong girl.

Harshal has written that ‘now all he can do is remember and honor her’.

Including he will miss her in his every moment and do everything to make her proud.

Furthermore, in the RCB podcast, he opened up about how he dealt with the death of his sister. He said:

When his sister passed away, he was in grief for a week; She passed away on April 9, 2022.

At that time he was in quarantine,and was talking to my niece and nephew and everyone back home, and he wanted to go, hug them and cry with them. But they were doing it on the phone because that was the only option available.’

As a result, this shows how much Harshal loves his sister and wants to be there until her last breath, but unfortunately, he can’t.

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