Ben Taylor Parents

A rising golf talent in PGA, fans have now turned their sights to golfer Ben Taylor Parents.

Long behind are days when golf was just a mere pastime. In the present scenario, it is one of the most-watched sports, boasting worldwide fans.

Not just Americans but people from other nations also show massive interest in golf, and we have also seen many talented international golfers emerge. Talking about the latter, we have English sportsman Ben Taylor who turned professional in 2015.

Benny possesses an innate talent for golf, which was further evident after his Abu Dhubai Daily Telegraphy Junior Championships victory at eighteen. He also led his college team to NCAA Championship.

Taylor will be one of the golfers competing in The Genesis Invitational on February 16, 2023. Seventy-one athletes will compete to take home $20,000,000 and beat the reigning champ, Joaquin Niemann.

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Who Are Golfer Ben Taylor Parents And Sibling? Family Details

The English player was born on June 11, 1992, in Epsom, London. He is one of the two children of his parents.

It is found that children often share their parents’ hobbies and passion, and the same could be said for Ben. Ben Taylor’s father, Phil Taylor, is the owner of Pachesham Golf Centre, a public hole course and driving range.

Likewise, Benny’s uncle, Max Taylor, is one of the teachers at the golf center. Both Phil and Max are also PGA professionals.

Having such influential golf figures in the family, it’s no wonder that Benny developed a passion for the sport. He honed his skills in his family driving range from a young age.

On the other hand, it’s not known whether Ben Taylor’s mother, Sussane Taylor, is into golf. Also, he has an older sister, Katie Taylor, who likely practiced golf with him in childhood.

Image Of Ben Taylor (Source: Instagram)

At Nova Southeastern University, where he played collegiate golf in the US, Benny helped his team win the Division II NCAA Championship.

As a result of his performance at Nova, he went to LSU, where he helped the Tigers capture the Division I championship in 2015 by hole-in-one in the nail-biting championship match.

What’s more, the only golfer to have ever won the Division I and Division II National Championships is still him.

After earning his sports administration degree in 2015, the young man turned his sights to pro golf and has been continuing it to date.

To give a brief summary of his career till now, Mr. Taylor’s career-high FedExCup rank was 22 at the  2023 Sony Open in Hawaii.

He cashed his largest paycheck of $579,600 at the 2023 Cadence Bank Houston Open after finishing third.

And now, he will compete in The Genesis Invitational, whose prize money is a whopping 20 million.

Who Is Ben Taylor Caddie?

For a golfer, his caddie is an essential person responsible for carrying his tools and bags. They also provide advice and moral support when needed. You can basically say a caddie is the closest buddy to a golfer.

Well, talking about Ben Taylor’s caddie, it is not entirely known who the guy that accompanies Ben in his matches is. But we do know that Ben’s caddie was previously Dublin-born Lorcan Morris.

Ben Taylor On The Court (Source: Instagram)

Morris has been caddying for many years and has worked for both PGA and LPGA athletes. For instance, his clientele list includes Len Mattiace, Sydnee Michaels, Robert Damron, Ryan Brehm, and others.

Lorcan was caddying for Ben in the 2021 season. Currently, he is a caddie for Robert Garrigus, another American pro-golfer. Hopefully, Taylor will soon reveal who his caddie is.

For now, we wish Ben Taylor all the best for his competition at the Genesis Invitational.

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