Gavin Lux Tattoo

Tattoos are not without their meaning, and Gavin Lux Tattoo serves as a reminder of his late childhood friend.

The MLB has seen many talented athletes over the years. Joining the bunch is Gavin Lux, whose playing skills have continuously impressed audiences.

From his high school playing days and honing his skills in the minor league to entering MLB, Gavin has come a long way. Now, as a Dodgers player, he has been competing for the team since the 2019 season.

The sportsman’s fantastic playing skills earned him the position of starting shortstop in the 2023 season. Unfortunately, his injury has caused him to be out of the game for the year.

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Gavin Lux Tattoo – Their Meaning And Design

When talking about the Dodgers player, one can’t miss the impressive tattoo on his arm. His body art covers his entire bicep, extending from his shoulder to just below his elbow.

Gavin Lux’s tattoo depicts a man gazing off into the distance while wearing a No. 44 jersey, and the sun’s rays are reaching out to welcome him. The black and white artwork is carefully done, and each detail is eye-catching.

Gavin Lux Has An Impressive Tattoo On His Arm (Source: Baseball America)

But Lux’s tattoo has a bit of a sad background. He got the tattoo in memory of his childhood buddy, Clay Davison. Unfortunately, the latter died of suicide at sixteen.

Both were only high school sophomores at that time. Clay was Gavin’s closest friend and was the inspiration behind his tattoo.

Lux’s tattoo is Davison’s favorite Bible verse Psalm 23:4, which states, “Even though as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.”

So, Gavin’s tattoo portrays his late friend walking through the valley, and the number 44 on the guy’s jersey was Clay’s sports number.

The baseballer misses his late buddy and aspires to make him proud. Although Davison is not here to see his accomplishments, he wants to carry his memory around in the form of a tattoo.

It’s incredible to see how much Gavin values his friendship with Clay Davison. Whenever he is down or sorry, he always looks down at his tattoo and consoles himself, saying his friend is with him.

Moreover, Clay’s suicide taught Lux a valuable lesson about checking up on others and treating others right.

Gavin Lux Suffered A Season Ending Injury

If you have been keeping up to date with MLB matches, the chances are you heard about Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Lux’s season-ending injury.

The baseballer’s leg buckled during the Dodgers’ spring training game against the San Diego Padres in February 2023. He tore his ACL, which put a full stop to his 2023 campaign.

Gavin Lux Will Be Out From The Court In The 2023 Season (Source: Instagram)

It’s even more tragic, considering the sportsman was supposed to be a starting shortstop for the team. Talking about the situation,

I think every baseball player’s dream is to play shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers. So, yeah, I think that’s one of the hardest parts

Source: TMZ

Gavin, who has been hustling since his early days, had always wanted to be a shortstop. So, it’s very heartbreaking for him to be deprived of his desired role when it’s just within reach.

Nevertheless, he is hopeful of his speedy recovery and aspires to return in the 2024 season. We also look forward to seeing Gavin Lux back in the field soon.

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