Ryan Suter wife Becky Suter,40, is a famous real estate broker from Bloomington, Minnesota. She married Ryan Suter.

Despite not being a public figure, Becky Suter’s association with Ryan Suter, a prominent ice hockey player, brought her into the public eye. Ryan Suter is a renowned ice hockey defenseman in the National Hockey League.

Ryan currently plays for the Dallas Stars and has previously played for the Minnesota Wild and the Nashville Predators.

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Dallas Stars Ryan Suter Wife Becky Suter

Becky Suter, married to Ryan Suter, a professional ice hockey player from the United States, works as a real estate broker.

Bucky suter family
Ryan and Bucky family(source:-Facebook)

In 2003, Becky and Ryan first met at Wisconsin University and developed a friendship. Eventually, their relationship evolved into a romantic one, and they began going out on dates for meals, including lunches and dinners.

In Minnetonka Beach, Minnesota, USA, Becky and Ryan got married in 2009, following a six-year relationship. Since then, they have been happily living together with no indications of any marital issues or divorce.

Becky uses the Instagram username “@suterbecky”, but her account is private, despite having made 194 posts.

Ryan’s personal life seems quite fulfilling, as he shares pictures of himself and his wife on Instagram.

Ryan Suter Kids and Family

Becky and Ryan Suter have four children named Brooks, Parker, and Avery Suter, and they are all currently in junior high school.

The pictures posted on social media show that the children are leading happy lives alongside their parents.

Born in 1983 in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, Becky Suter was raised by loving parents. She is currently 40 years old, but no publicly available information about her family exists.

This is understandable, as Becky may prefer to keep her personal life away from social media and maintain some level of privacy.

Ryan Suter Net Worth

Ryan Suter’s net worth is estimated to be around $98 million, which he shares with his wife, Becky.

He signed a 13-year contract worth $98 million with the Minnesota Wild on July 4, 2012. On the other hand, Becky recently signed an agreement with the Dallas Stars for four years, worth $14.6 million, on the first day of free agency on July 28, 2021.

This shows that the hockey player has accumulated a substantial amount of money throughout his career.

Although Becky Suter has had a successful career, there is no publicly available information about her net worth. Nonetheless, it is known that she has accumulated a significant amount of wealth over time.

Ryan Suter Career

ryan suter
Ryan Suter Playing Hockey(Source NHL)

Ryan was born on January 21, 1985, and is a professional ice hockey defenseman from the United States. He plays for the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League (NHL) and has previously played for the Nashville Predators and Minnesota Wild teams.

Ryan Suter has participated in eleven tournaments as a representative of the United States and has been victorious in three of them, securing gold medals.

Ryan Suter was selected to be part of the United States team for the 2010 Winter Olympics on January 1, 2010. He served as one of the team’s alternate captains during the tournament.

Ryan Suter was chosen to represent the United States at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Ryan Suter returned to the International stage on April 19, 2019, after a three-year absence. He was invited to join Team USA and compete in the 2019 IIHF World Championship, which was held in Bratislava and Kosice, Slovakia.

Ryan Suter was inducted into the IIHF All-Time USA Team in 2020.

During the NHL off-season, Ryan Suter lives in Madison, Wisconsin. His wife, Becky Suter, is originally from Bloomington, Minnesota, and the couple has four children together.

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