Chris Duarte Ethnicity

A rising figure in the NBA, fans have shown interest in learning about basketball athlete Chris Duarte Ethnicity.

One of the oldest NBA teams, Indiana Pacers’ legacy is one to be told. It has won many championship titles and undergone many changes throughout its over five decades of presence.

Not just trophies, the Pacers have seen many talented sportspeople over the years. From Roger Brown to legendary Reggie Miller, many athletes have been part of this venerable franchise.

In the past few years, too, the Pacers have signed many potential young athletes straight out of college or in the NFL draft. Speaking of which, we have Chris Duarte, a Puerto Plata-born basketball player.

Duarte has been the shooting guard of the Indiana Pacers since getting selected in the 2021 NBA Draft.

He has shown resilience, determination, and hard work, making him a fan-favorite player on the roster.

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What Is Chris Duarte Ethnicity? Family Explored

The emerging sportsman was born Christopher Theoret Duarte on June 13, 1997, in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

He spent his childhood in his native country before moving to the States in his final high school years.

Sadly Chris Duarte’s father, Leonardo Duarte, passed away when he was relatively small.

It must have been a terrible ordeal for the entire Duarte family, but, as they say, time heals the pain; they must have moved on.

Likewise, Chris Duarte’s mother is Ana Luisa, who is often presented on his social media posts. The mom-son duo shares a solid bond and has a deep affection for one another.

Chris Duarte With His Mother (Source: Instagram)

Chris has a brother, Jean Michael, who is also passionate about basketball. As a matter of fact, Chris fell in love with the sport, thanks to his sibling.

As already mentioned, Duarte is Dominican; however, his ethnicity hasn’t been revealed. Who knows, we might get to learn about it in the near future.

Meet Chris Duarte Partner And Children

How blessed is a person who enjoys the loving company of his spouse and unparallel affection from his kids.

Mr. Duarte knows this better than anyone, as he has fathered two adorable children with the love of his life, Sylvia Velazquez.

The pair have been dating for some time now, having gone public with their relationship in 2019. Around that time, Duarte was in college, so could it be that the lovebirds met in a college?

Chris Duarte’s partner, Sylvia, was with him when the Pacers drafted him in 2021. She must have seen him in his highs and lows and been there for him when needed.

While the couple’s marital status is unclear, they have welcomed two children. Chris Duarte’s son, Chris Duare Jr., is his eldest, while his daughter, Sofi Duarte, was born in January 2022.

Chris Duarte With His Family (Source: Instagram)

The shooting guard is a proud dad who loves his children. He prioritizes his family and always makes time for them.

Overall, the family of four is enjoying a comfortable life. Also, it will be incredible to see if Chris Duarte’s children will follow in his basketball footsteps in the future.

The sportsperson has been a phenomenal part of the Indiana Pacers since his joining and is constantly improving his gameplay.

In the 2021-2022 season, he recorded 4.1 RPG, 13.1 point-per-game, and 4.1 rebounds-per-game in a total of fifty-five games played.

Mr. Duarte’s stats will likely see an increment, following his future matches, and we can’t wait to see how much he will shine in the NBA.

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