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Carl Cheffers Wife, Nanette Cheffers, and he have had a beautiful relationship for over 37 years, and their love for one another has only deepened.

Carl Cheffers, a famous referee in National Football League, was born on July 22, 1960, in Whittier, California. He belongs to the Cancer zodiac.

After completing his studies at California High School, he pursued higher education. He received an MBA from the University of Redlands and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California, Irvine.

In 1980, Cheffers started his officiating career, participating in several high school playoff games and two championship contests.

Then he oversaw championship games for the Pac-10 for five seasons before being hired by the NFL and working for the Western Athletic Conference.

Carl Cheffers was chosen as the backup referee for Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona, on February 1, 2015, because of his skill and experience.

When Cheffers was selected to officiate the 2017 Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas, he received an even higher accolade.

It is primarily recognized as one of the best Super Bowls in history, featuring the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.

Cheffers has taught high school mathematics for over 30 years and has won awards for teaching despite his success as an NFL official. Cheffers is a committed professional who strives for perfection in all facets of his life.

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Carl Cheffers Wife, Nanette Cheffers

Carl Cheffers and his wife Nanette Cheffers were raised in the Tehachapi, CA region, and their paths first crossed in high school.

They began dating when they were just teens and both students in the same grade. Their bond remained solid while studying at the University of California-Irvine.

Carl Cheffers Wife
Carl Cheffers family. (source:

Carl and Nanette decided to be married after dating for a while. On May 1985, they married in a beautiful ceremony.

They invited their family and friends to the lavish wedding which was held. Both looked magnificent in their wedding gown as they exchanged vows before a lovely backdrop of flowers and foliage.

Since Nanette has generally avoided the spotlight, it is still a matter of curiosity about what her profession is.

However, given Carl’s high school mathematics teacher occupation, she may also be associated with education.

Cheffers Wife regularly participates in her community in addition to helping her spouse.

According to a few reports, she has held a position on the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation board, which assists the district’s faculty, staff, and pupils.

Carl’s success as a referee is primarily due to Nanette. Nanette typically watches a game from the stands and supports Carl when he is the official.

The love between Carl Cheffers and his wife Nanette has endured the test of time. Over the time of their marriage, they have always cherished their good times and supported each other during hard times.

Despite Nanette Cheffer’s reserved nature, she has greatly impacted Carl’s life and supported him through his successful career as an NFL referee.

Nanette has always been there to encourage him and has been a supporter of his work from the outset. Many people find inspiration in them, and their narrative reminds them that enduring love and dedication are possible.

Carl Cheffers Children: Ben and Mellisa Cheffers

Carl and Nanette have given birth to two children. Three years after marriage in 1988, they welcomed their first child, Ben Cheffers.

Ben works as a back judge in the Big Sky Conference. Carl had never wanted his son to choose such a profession, but he never forced him on anything. Rather he admires that his friends helped Ben to the advocation.

Carl Cheffers wife.
Carl’s Son, Ben Cheffers watching Super Bowl. ( Source:

Cheffer’s couple is also blessed with their daughter, Mellisa Cheffers. However, there needs to be more detailed information about Mellisa as she might be a reserved person.

We can consistently see Cheffers’ family pictures on social media. They have been living a happy life. 

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