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Matt Crouch Brother, Brad Crouch, is not a new name in the sports field, having been engaged in the Australian Football League since the early 2010s.

The sports sector has seen the emergence of many siblings from the same household. For instance, we have the Manning Brothers (Peyton Manning – Eli Manning), Williams Sisters (Serena Williams – Venus Williams), Klitschko Brothers (Vitali Klitschko – Wladimir Klitschko), Bryan Twins (Mike Bryan – Bob Bryan), and more.

And now, we have Matt Crouch and Brad Crouch in the Australian Football League, who have shown outstanding performances so far. Both played for the Adelaide Football Club and were once teammates.

However, Matt Crouch’s brother has changed his club and now competes for the St. Kilda Football Club. Although Matt wishes his older sibling stayed, he supports Brad’s decision and assures the club is in good hands.

Want to learn more about the Crouch brothers; keep reading the article.

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Meet Matt Crouch Brother Brad And Their Parents – Family Details

The Crouch brothers are famous among AFL athletes. Their legacy, commitment, and hard work are testaments to their successes.

Brad Crouch is the older brother of Matt Crouch and was born on January 14, 1994. Afterward, his younger sibling arrived on April 21, 1995. The brothers only have a year of an age gap, so they must have been joined at the hip from childhood.

Speaking of the Crouch brothers’ parents, they are Phil Crouch and Deborah Crouch’s beloved sons. Both have supported their boys’ football passions from the beginning.

Brad Crouch And Matt Crouch Only Have Fifteen Months Of Age Difference (Source: Fiveaa)

Matt and Brad both were competitive from a young age and often fought for the ball in their home’s backyard. Their dad, Phil, worked hard to settle their disputes and urged them not to fight with each other.

Reminiscing his dad’s words, Brad says,

My old man has strictly told us not to hurt each other anymore. Hopefully we can be professional enough now not to touch each other.

Source: Herald Sun

On the other hand, not much about Brad and Matt Crouch’s mom, Deborah, has been disclosed. Nonetheless, she must support them and cheer for their success.

Brad Crouch And Matt Crouch Were Initially Teammates

How fantastic is it to be part of the same team as your sibling? You can practice, train, go on tours, and compete together. Also, you won’t feel lonely and will get your sibling’s support in good and bad times.

It was Matt Crouch’s brother who first started his pro football career, being part of the Adelaide Football Club in 2011. Matt soon followed in his footsteps and joined him as a teammate, following his draft in the 2013 AFL Draft.

As they had been competing against each other since their childhood, it was easier for the siblings to gel up. Both are familiar with one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and it helped them maintain strong teamwork.

Brad was nominated for the 2013 AFL Rising Star in his AFL debut year. His career-best season came in 2017, where he averaged twenty-eight disposals in twenty games played. However, he decided to move to St. Kilda Football Club in the 2021 season and has been competing for them since.

Matt Crouch And His Brother Brad Played Together In Adelaide (Source: Herald Sun)

Matt was sad about his brother’s departure from the team. He shared how his elder brother has been there for him since his first day in the club.

Obviously, I didn’t want him to leave. I wish he stayed. It’s going to be a bit funny – I’ve never really played against him at all.

Source: AFL

The Adelaide midfielder was sure his brother would do well in the team. Brad is indeed doing great, making a consistent presence and never going below the 20-disposal mark.

Overall, the Crouch siblings are doing great in their sports careers.

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